Pink Lotus Floral Absolute Oil

Pink Lotus Floral Absolute Oil

The pink floral absolute is extracted from the flowers of the pink lotus. Such a beautiful blossom is grown in the muddy waters but has a rich delightful and intoxicating fragrance that will surely send your mind in a pure calm and stress free world. This flower is sacred and connected with spirituality. The petals of the blossom signify purity, eternity and dignity. It has been used in the skin care and medicine industry for many years. It is believed that the lotus bloomed with the formation of the universe.

Product name : Pink Lotus Floral Absolute Oil
Scientific Name : Nelumbo Nucifera
Country of Origin : India
Colour : The floral absolute is pink in colour and has deep earthy like sweet fragrance.
Extraction Method : By solvent extraction

The floral absolute is being used in aromatherapy from many years. The essence of the floral absolute tends to bring harmony and a taste of heaven by reducing the stress and anxiety. Many skin creams, lip balms and cosmetics are also infused with the oil for its skin benefits.

Therapeutic Properties

The floral absolute is blessed with anti-depressant and medicinal properties. It helps in soothing the mind and uplifting the feeling of calm and joy. Those who suffer from high blood pressure when breathe through the fragrance of the oil will find themselves to be more relaxed. It helps in calm and easy breathing. The oil also carries anti-fungal and astringent qualities. Add a few drops of the oil in your bath for instant relief on the affected areas.

Blends Well With

The pink lotus floral absolute can be infused with vanilla, cinnamon, lime and sandalwood.

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