Frangipani Absolute Oil

Frangipani Absolute Oil

The frangipani absolute oil is derived from the frangipani blooms. The flower is also known as plumeria and is considered a sacred flower in India. This is because it is offered to the deities during puja. Frangipani can be found in two shades that is white and red. The white blooms represent the moon and the latter represents the sun. The frangipani absolute oil is infused with the sweet fragrance of the plumeria petals which helps in lightening up the mood and spread the feeling of calm to the body.

Product name : Frangipani Absolute Oil
Scientific Name : Plumeria Obtusa
Country of Origin : India
Colour : It is pale orangey thick oil with floral essence.
Extraction Method : Alcohol Extraction

The frangipani oil is used to add its sweet fragrance to the skin and hair products. The oil alone can be used for nourishment of the skin. It can be added in night creams and lotions for cleaning of the skin to benefit from its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant qualities. The floral absolute is also used in perfumery to give a sweet essence.

Therapeutic Properties

The oil is widely used in perfume making, but it does have numerous other benefits. It helps in reducing the anxiety and depression levels among individuals through its aroma, helps in reducing acne and other scars as well as stretch marks.


This floral absolute can be combined with citrus oils as well as other floral oils.

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