Fougere Absolute Oil

Fougere Absolute Oil

The Fougere Absolute Oil is native of the country France. The word fougere stands for 'fern' in the French language. The fougere oil is obtained by combining various fragrant oils together which include ho leaf, lavender, oakmoss absolute and rosewood. The fragrance of this oil is considered to be the true essence of the masculinity. This fragrance when blended with other oils can give variety of aromas that are oceanic, spicy, flowery or wood like. Due to its rich fragrance, it is widely used in the perfumery industry.

Product name : Fougere Absolute Oil
Scientific Name : Fougere
Country of Origin : France
Colour : The appearance of the oil is between brown and yellow and its fragrance depends upon its composition with other oils. But, mostly its aroma is spicy, oceanic or woody.
Extraction Method : Sensitization

This oil is used in the perfumery on a large scale for men and women due to its range of fragrance. Apart from the perfumery, its rich aroma is also used as an aid for meditation. The soothing fragrance helps build up the concentration. It is also helpful in lightening up the mood.

Therapeutic Properties

Fougere oil is made up by a composition of various other oils. So, it possesses the therapeutical qualities of all of the oils that it is made of. The fougere absolute oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and anti-fungal as the oils that it is composed with possess the same qualities. It also has the ability to heal skin related problems as well as can be used to reduce the stress and anxiety levels.


The Fougere Absolute Oil can be combined with any of the oils for its usage. However, it blends well with all type of oils.

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