Cocoa Absolute Oil

Cocoa Absolute Oil

Cocoa Absolute is extracted from the coca pod. It is widely grown in China and is now being cultivated all over the globe. It is in France where through the process of solvent extraction we get the cocoa absolute. The cocoa is the dried and fermented seed of the pod. The cocoa adds a thick dark color making the cocoa an absolute delight for chocolate lovers. This oil requires to be heated before use.

The smokey liquor is used in almost all blends and makes for erotic ingredient for love making sessions. It has many therapeutic properties which range from quelling indigestion to nourishment of skin cells. It's high protein content makes it nutritious.

Product Name : Cocoa Absolute Oil
Scientific Name : Theobroma cacao
Country of Origin : India.
Colour and odor : A red coloredviscous liquid and a floral scent
Extraction Method : By Solvent Extraction

It is believed that the Aztecs were the first to discover the medicinal value of the cacao tree. The plant can cure depression and improve one's health drastically. Cocoa is reported to ease in blood circulation and promotes younger looking skin. Because of its anti-oxidant properties, it protects collagen from any potential damage from the free radicle present in our environment. Cocoa Absolute can be used with lotions, face masks and other body treatments.

It's rich smell makes it a good combination with absolutes of vanilla. These can be used for baking homemade chocolate flavored cakes.

Therapeutic Properties

Scientists recommend chocolate for elevating moods .The oil's strong scent along with a bubbles bath will calm and comfort you. As Cocoa Absolute has relaxing properties it is widely used as therapeutic oil for massages. It can be diffused in sessions of aromatherapy to help one unwind. With its sweet based notes, it soothes dry skin. For protection from any free radicle activity, this oil is widely known for its anti-oxidant properties.

Many people use this oil as an aphrodisiac to boost their sex drives. This is due to presence of Flavonols found in the cocoa plant.

Also this oil can be used to increase one's immunity.

Blends well with

Cocoa Absolute Oil can easily blend with Bergamot. It can also mix very well with vanilla, peppermint and orange. Most prefer to mix it with Coffee and rose for an exquisite smell.


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"Just a few back I took the plunge and had ordered Cocoa Absolute Oil from Natures Natural India. The oil delivered was of great quality. I must say the cocoa aroma is very unique and refreshing.It is delightfully intense and sure to make you long for more. It would make a lovely lotion blend for summers."
- Tim Dobie

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