Cananga Oil

Cananga Oil

The cananga oil is extracted in the parts of Indonesia and Philippines and it comes from the family of custard apple. It is having a floral smell and performs better function in many of the things like blood pressure, tension, and stress. This is the oil, which is a medicated product and is used in different places. It vitalizes body and mind perfectly so that a person can perform his regular task easily. The plants' height is not more than 12 m. This comes from the dwarf cananga family and its smell is quiet peaceful and soothing. It provides a better environment to a place.

The natural Ayurveda of Indian origin is also having its usage during the ancient times. With all these different reasons, this oil is of great importance. It is a medicated oil so most of the products are manufactured having essence of this oil. The power of this oil in fighting any skin problems is more than any other powder or cream.

Scientific Name : Cananga odorata/cananga odorata var macrophylla
Country of Origin : Indonesia and Philippines
Colour and odor : Pale yellow with sweet floral
Extraction Method : The oil is extracted through steam distillation method.

The uses of cananga oil are in large numbers in many countries. Since its origination was from Indonesia, most of the people at that place are using the oil in many therapies just to cure many problems relating to skin. However, it is obviously very effective in fighting the problems like skin disorders, mood swings due to premenstrual syndrome, motion sickness, high blood pressure, hypertension, depression, and many other problems. This is the reason that people are using this oil while they are having these problems. Overall, it reduces the chances of these diseases to come back as well. As far as concerned, a person has to face certain side effects if used this oil in an improper way. Women, who are pregnant, must not use this cananga oil. It is good if a person is taking this oil just to add a flavor in a recipe but if it is used in larger amounts, then it would lead to certain health related problems.

Therapeutic Properties

Calendula Oil is effective is providing better digestion, healing gastric ulcers in the internal part of body. In other way, it is also effective for small ulcers in throat or mouth areas. As far as concerned with the external areas, this is used to cure the problems like eczema, conjunctivitis, Gingivitis, foot of an athlete, yeast infections and many others diseases. For a newborn baby, this oil is effective for nappy rash, cradle cap in babies and to new mothers. The oil can also be used for curing the burnt parts and eczema and to slow healing wounds. One of the other uses of this oil is in Aromatherapy as it is having skin healing properties.

Blends well with

There are various substances with which cananga oil is mixed easily. Few of them are rosewood essential oil Brazilian, Rose Otto essential Bulgarian, Bergamot essential oil, orange essential oil sweet, grapefruit essential oil pink and many more. With them, the oil sounds perfect for use


So far, I am very much satisfied through this product as it gave me immense pleasure when I used it in my puddings. It provided a great taste to it which my whole family loved to eat puddings
- Jenny

This product is amazing as it is having capacity to remove odor from a room. Its sweet fragrance made my home a peaceful place where I can spend lots of time with family staying here.
- Chris Martin

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