betel leaf oil

Betel Leaf Oil

Betel Leaf is the leaf of a creeper that originated from South and South East Asia. It is a popular plant in Indonesia by its Latin name Piper Betel. This creeper needs a very long pole for support. Betel leaf has the shape of a heart and is bright green in colour with a special smell.

There are several varieties of betel leaf available in different states of India. It is mostly chewed by Asians with mostly with Erica nut –known as supari and lime. Some people also add tobacco to it.

Betel Leaf oil is obtained bythemethod of hydro-distillation of the leaves of the Piper betelleaf tree. It is a yellow clear liquid with a smoky tar like door. It has a pungent taste.

Scientific Name : Piper Betel
Country of Origin : South East Asia
Colour and odor : Light yellow colourwith smoky tar like door
Extraction Method : hydro distillation

Betel leaf oil is used in tobacco and paan industries. It is also used to some extent to make perfumes and betel flavour sweets. The leaf itself is widely used for various purposes. Betel Leaf and oil are used as an herbal medicine for many problems like conjunctivitis, bad breath, hysteria, constipation, ringworm, hysteria, cuts and small injuries.

It is noticed that chewing of betel leaf increases alertness and energetic feeling physically and mentally and sustains it for a longer time. It also causes mild addiction leading to habituation.

The leaf and oil extracted from betel leaf contains a good amount of vitamins and minerals.

Betel leaf has an important place in auspicious marriages,religious rituals, and other social ceremonies of India. Excessive consumption of betel leaf is harmful to teeth. It becomes more harmful when used with tobacco which tends to diseases of the mouth and can also develop cancer.

Therapeutic Properties

The leaf and oil are used in India for several common household remedies. Local application of a betelleaf and oil helps to cure arthritis. Betel leaf oil when applied on the chest helps in several respiratory disorders.The leaf and oil areboth effective to improve bowel action in constipation. When applied to the temples, it provides relief from head ache. Leaf juice is effective in eye problems and night blindness.The leaf has the properties of preventing infections from bacteria and fungus causing diseases like cholera, typhoid, tuberculosis. etc.

Blends well with

Betel leaf oil is soluble in alcohol and other organic solvents but insoluble in water.


Betel leaf Oil has been very effective for several treatments of stomach. I always keep it in my house. Alll thanks to you, Natures Naturals India.
- Fredrick Gomes

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