Mandarin Oil

Mandarin oil is extracted by cold expression from the fruits of the mandarin orange tree (Citrus reticulata) which belongs to the Rutaceae plant family. The oil is yellow to orange with a zesty and sweet aroma. . It is also known as tangerine, European mandarin, true mandarin and naartjie. The flora fragrance of mandarin isextremely arousing and heady.

Scientific Name : Citrus reticulata
Country of Origin : Sicily
Colour and odor : Yellow to orange in color with a zesty and sweet odor
Extraction Method : By Cold pressed Method

Mandarin is used after blending with other oils in manufacturing of colognes and au-de-toilette. Aroma therapists use mandarin oil to relieve stress and refresh the skin. It is used to make shaving lotions, shampoos, and other cosmetic products for its refreshing properties. The natural antiseptic properties are used to disinfect items and rooms, especially in children’s rooms where children put everything in the mouth. It is found thatmandarin oil is one of the best oil for consumption as well as for topical application.

Therapeutic USES

Mandarin oil not only smells good, but has many medicinal properties. People in different parts of the world also know Mandarin oil as tangerine oil. It is also helpful in refining the texture of the skin and is used as an antiseptic to heal wounds, skin infections and burns. It is adiuretic, depurative, and acts as a tonic even. Mandarin oil can be applied on damaged skin, stretch marks of pregnancy, and scars from acne. As acell rejuvenator it and greatly increases the growth and renewal of skin cells. It is one of the most effective aromatherapy oils that arenon-toxic and non-sensitizing. Mandarin oil has the properties of strengthening the mind. It helps in insomnia withits slight hypnotic and sedative properties. It can be effectively used for most digestive upsets. Psychologists have found this oil to be highly sedative and useful for overexcited children who suffer from insomnia and mental distress. It is found absolutely safe for children.

Blends well with

Mandarin Oil blends well with essential oils of, cinnamon, clary sage, frankincense, bergamot lavender, clove, neroli and nutmeg


At the age of forty I started remaining tired and failed to perform my duties as an architect. I used mandarin oil along with geranium oil in cup of milk and added it to my bath, it helped to relievemy muscle cramps and tired muscles in a fortnight. I am now back to my original status.
- Tony Bradward

My child of 5 year was overactive and fidgety. The doctor gave him a pill containing mandarin oil. It worked well and the child slept well and was much calm in his behavior.
- Kate Newman

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