Clove bud Oil

Clove bud Oil

Clove has long been regarded for its for tis glossy flushing green leaves and pink beautiful buds. This evergreen tree gives rise to beautiful and needless to say exotic red petals with purple berries. The clove bud oil is distilled from its flowery buds to produce large quantities of oil.

Clove means nail in Latin. The head and its shaft resemble the body of an iron nail. Cloves were the most prizes spices along with nutmeg in the 16th century. Today Indians still use it till date and add it to their food items for taste. It is believed that locals in Penang did not suffer from any epidemics till the 16th century but when the Dutch rulers arrived, they destroyed the entire forest of clove trees which were wide spread on the island. After this, thousands and thousands of people died. Folklore attributes clove to being of great medicine value. It is also thought that clove bares a lot of resemblance to tea tree in several respects.

The botanical name of the plant is Eudenia caryophyllata and it is of a glossy brown colour. The plant grows up to be 12 meters tall. The long buds are seen once the monsoon starts. These changes colour with time and are beaten off the tress and dried later on.

Scientific Name : Eudenia caryophyllata
Country of Origin : Indonesia
Colour and odor : Brown glossy colour with spicy aroma
Extraction Method : By Steam Distillation Method

Clove's antiseptic properties are spoken widely of. Clove buds are known to be used in remedies fr cough, cold and the flu. Cloves have also been known to reduce pain in the teeth. Even children as young as 2 year old toddler can use this oil when they are teething. The clove bud oil has found use in modern day aromatherapy. The oil creates a sense of euphoria and helps one relax better. Clove bud oil is good for massaging ones joints and keeping muscles in fighting fit shape. The essential oil is used for creating a unique smell right about Christmas time.

Therapeutic Properties

The oil has been used mostly to treat burns and bruises on the skin. It helps keep infections away and has a warming effect on the skin. The Clove bud oil is said to have a very comforting effect on the mind. The oil is a good choice especially when it comes to taking a bubbles bath. The oil can provide heat after the body has been exposed to the winter cold.

Blends well with

If you like fruity fragrances then you can blend with cocoa and lemon. Other ingredients such as rose and jasmine blend beautifully too. Some other elements that blend well include bergamot, amber and caramel.


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