Celery Seed Essential Oil

Celery Seed Essential Oil

Celery seed essential oil is ideal for treating problems such as arthritis, rheumatism, influenza and poor digestion. This oil is great for massage purposes. It finds its usefulness in Ayurvedic and pharmaceutical industries for preparing medicines for several problems. This is extracted from celery seed which belongs to the botanical family of Umbellifere.

Product Name : Celery seed essential oil
Scientific Name : Apium graveolens
Other Names : Celery Fruit
Country of Origin : Southern Europe
Colour : It has green to brown color
Odor : It has a spicy and warm scent
Extraction Method : Steam distillation
Components : Its major constituents are fatty, limonene, bergapten and other acids.
Solubility : It is soluble with other oils

In the Greek era, celery was held as a sacred herb. Celery leaves were found in the garland of a tomb of Pharaoh. In the 19th century, it was used for the treatment of rheumatic conditions in Britain. This oil was also used for treating gout, loss of appetite, and malnutrition.


Celery seed essential oil is highly used in Ayurvedic medicines owing to its excellent health benefits. This essential oil is used to aid digestion problem and also purifies blood. It provides calmness and relaxes the body. This oil is known for its effective treatment of occasional menstrual discomforts. It also prevents bacterial infection in the body. Apart from this, Celery seed essential oil is widely used for therapy purposes owing to its calming effects on the body. This oil soothes skin and promotes glow on it.

Therapeutic benefits

Celery seed essential oil is excellently effective for providing protection against inflammation. This oil is ideal for lowering blood pressure and soothing digestive problems. It is perfect for removing toxins from the body and cleaning the system to promote good health. This oil also provides relief from hypertension and alleviating gastric ulcer.

Blends well with

Celery seed essential oil excellently blends with other essential oils.

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