Camphor Oil White

Camphor Oil White

It is having different properties, which are mixed together, to provide relief against many of the problems either they are internal or external in body parts. These properties areanti inflammatory, analgesic, diuretic and antiviral. In the traditional or ancient times, the lumps of camphor wood was worn around the neck to provide relief. This was the tradition of India, China and Sri Lanka. Today also, come parts of these countries and the Chinese people are using the method to cure against all sorts of problems. It provides relief inside the throat so that the person can get a boon against the infections and diseases. The aroma used in the camphor oil white is sharp, woody undertone. The parts of wood are used in the treatment portion. It is also advised to the people who are treating their disease through homeopathic not to take this treatment in between of that treatment as it can provide a side effect to a patient. In addition, it is harmful during pregnancy and pregnant women should avoid it. The fragrance smell of the camphor oil white is quiet strong and powerful. This is the reason that it stays on the body for a long time so that it can provide relief to a person gradually. This is the best way to cure a problem.

Scientific Name : Cinnamomumcamphora
Country of Origin : China
Colour and odor : Clear with pine minty
Extraction Method : Through Steam distillation method from the grounded and dried woods, it is extracted. After the crystallization of camphor, fractional distillation of camphor oil is made.

There are various problems and infections in which the camphor oil white is always used. This is the reason that it is coming from the traditional times. There are several problems in which it is used as a medicated and few of them are coughs, cold, macular aches, inflammation, sprains, infections, nervous tension and oily skin conditions. However, there are some cautions that a person has to take while using this oil. As it smells hard and provide problem to eyes, it is kept away from eyes and also from the reach of children. One of the major uses of this oil is in the field of aromatherapy. Through this, the throat infection can be treated through vapor therapy, which is very common now days. There are different companies who are manufacturing the product through different other things which are helpful in providing care against all kinds of problems.

Therapeutic Properties

Calendula Oil is effective is providing better digestion, healing gastric ulcers in the internal part of body. In other way, it is also effective for small ulcers in throat or mouth areas. As far as concerned with the external areas, this is used to cure the problems like eczema, conjunctivitis, Gingivitis, foot of an athlete, yeast infections and many others diseases. For a newborn baby, this oil is effective for nappy rash, cradle cap in babies and to new mothers. The oil can also be used for curing the burnt parts and eczema and to slow healing wounds. One of the other uses of this oil is in Aromatherapy as it is having skin healing properties.

Blends well with

Camphor oil white blends well with Rosemary, Eucalyptus, lavender, spice oils, and citrus oil. This is the reason that they provide better performance when they are mixed with them. The companies who are engaged in manufacturing this oil are providing a mix of all the things together so that they can provide better results to a patient suffering from several diseases.


I am very sensitive to infections and often suffer from the cold and cough very easily. I read somewhere that white camphor oil helps in curing the problem of cold and it did happen.
- Allen

I use it as aromatherapy, and can use with menthol and other soothing fragrances that enhance healthy breathing. I highly recommend it.
- L. Birmingham

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