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Bitter Orange Oil

The Bitter Orange oil is a native to Eastern Africa and Tropical Asia. It is yellowish orange in colour and has bitter orange aroma. It is extracted from the plant by water distillation method. It is also known asSeville orange, sour orange, bigarade orange, or marmalade orange oil. The oil is most commonly used by the people to add flavour in their dishes and cuisines

It is loaded with prperties such as Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiapaspodic, astrigent, batericidal, carminitive, deodrant,digestive,funficidal, stimilant(nervous) and stomachic and tonic (cardiac, circulatory).

Scientific Name : Citrus aurantium
Country of Origin : Eastern Africa and Tropical Asia
Colour and odor : orange with very pleasant smell.
Extraction Method : By Water Distillation Method.

Majorly Bitter orange oil is used in making different lkinf of perfumes because of its attractive and fresh fragrance. In manufacturing this oil is ued in pharmacuticles, cosmetics and soaps. It is added to the dishes as well to bring a new taste in them. Many medicines are also made by this oil. It is beneficial for the people suffering from Cold, constipation, dull and oily complextions, flu, flatulence, nervous tension, papitation, poor circulation,slow digestion and water retention. It also cures problems related to indigestion.

It can cause skin irritation when applied in direct sunlight. It is advisable not to use it during Pregnancy.

Therapeutic Properties

It is applied to skin and inhaled as a painkiller. It also relives you of headaches, nerve pain, muscular pain, joint pain, bruises and swelling of the veins and even bed sores. It is even effective on skin fungal infections like ringworm and jock itch..Its orange scent refreshes the mind and raises the spirits. It works like anti septic and can ease a sore throat when used in gargle and heals mouth ulser when used in a mouth wash.

Blends well with

It mixes well with all other carrier oils and Bay, black pepper, citrus oils, clary sage, lavender, ginger, myrrh, neroli and vetiver.


This oil has actually given a unique flavor to my food. For all those women who are looking for that secret ingredient in their recipes should use this oil. Even my husband who is a chef uses this oil to make his cuisines tastier and more relishing. Wow!! I am literally very happy to use this oil.
- Rickina Washington

Just a few days ago I had ordered Bitter Orange Oil from Natures Natural India. I have just started making my own lotions and soaps and this product is perfect for both. My first few attempts at making these lotions and soaps were not so good and were really sloppy, but eventually I got the hang on it. The good part is that the quantity in the bottle is more than enough to make trials and finally get the right mix. I am very happy with the product and I would definitely recommend this product to others. Will buy this product again!
- Wayne Bector

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