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Benzoin oil

Benzoin oil is scientifically called as Styrax Benzoin. The oil is produced by the process of solvent extraction from resins of the Benzoin tree. The tree is found mostly in Sumatra and can grow up to 12 meters in height.

The oil produced is pale yellow is color and has a distinct odor. The oil has a creamy, woody aroma which has a striking resemblance to vanilla. The oil requires to be warmed before usage. Benzoic acid and vanillin are present in this oil.

Scientific Name : Sytrax Benzoin
Country of Origin : Sumatra
Colour and odor : Pale yellow liquid with a balsamic aroma
Extraction Method : By steam Distillation

The Benzoin oil has many curing properties which is why it revered in medical history. The oil is used to treat cases of cough, laryngitis and bronchitis. The oil is a good anti-depressant and can stimulate the body muscles. The resin is used for incense purposes and can be used for fumigation as well. The essential oil is also used for its aphrodisiac properties and helps in uplifting the mood. Benzoin is used in its crystal form to cure acne and eczema.

Therapeutic Properties

Benzoin oil has many therapeutic properties to boast of. The essential oil is a strong carmative and has anti-inflammatory properties. The oil is also a strong anti-oxidizing agent. The oil is used to stimulate muscles and is even a recommended expectorant. The Benzoin essential oil is also a renowned diuretic. It helps soothe the nerves in tense situations.

Blends well with

This essential oil can mix well with nutmeg, lemongrass and pine. The oil is soluble in alcohol but not in pure water. Other oils with which it can also mix easily are lavender, lemon and rosemary.


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