Peach Kernel Carrier Oil

Peach Kernel Carrier Oil

Peach kernel oil is rich in a variety of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are responsible for the skin’s health and vitality. Besides, it has high amounts of minerals and vitamins, especially vitamins A and E which impart to it high antioxidant and preservative properties.It is slowly absorbed into the skin and leaves behind a slightly oily feel to it. Peach kernel oil gives a shelf life of 6 to 12 months when stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Scientific Name : Prunus persica
Country of Origin : China
Colour and odor : The oil is a pale yellow to yellow liquid with a slight almond-like aroma.
Extraction Method : Peach kernel oil is obtained by cold pressing of the peach nut and it is then refined.

Like all oils, peach kernel oil is emollient without being heavy or greasy and induces lubricity and smoothness to the surface. It is deeply nourishing and is used to prevent skin from drying out and getting flaky. Being rich in vitamins and other nutrients, it is effective even for very delicateskin types with thread veinsand soothing inflamed skins. It is non-comedogenic which makes it suitable for skin with large open pores. Being slightly ligther than almond oil makes it a preferrable for use on skins prone to blocked pores.

Peach kernel oil is a long oil (has a high drying oil to resin ratio).It thus improves skin elasticity and leaving it soft and smooth. In effect it serves as an anti-wrinkle/skin rejuvenation product for sensitive skin and in massage lotions and other oils.

All these uses make it extremely popular additive in cosmetics to make light creams and lotions,

balms and the soap industry. It is also an effective oil make-up remover.

Blends Well With:

Being light in constitution allows it to easily blend in massage oil carriers, especially for facial massages. Its high nutritional quality, ease of absorption and non-comedogenic nature make it superior to other essential oils. It is an excellent additive to skin cleansers and peelers for sensitive skin.


As a massage therapist and spa owner I love peach kernal oil for my Facial massage services. I use it to make my summer facial mosturizing serums. It is also perfect with a little lavender and rose essential oils.
- Mia

I am adding it to my creams and powder foundations, etc. and am enjoying its consistency. I also mix this oil with other oils for my hair. So basically, it’s great for my hair and great for my skin. It is a winner.
- M. Barron

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