Amla Seed Carrier Oil

Amla Seed carrier oil is extracted using cold press method from the Amla fruit. It is highly used for treating problems such as colitis and gastritis. It is a rich source of vitamin C and that's why it is most used in preparation of hair care products.

Product Name : Amla Seed carrier oil
Botanical Name : Emblicaofficnalis
Other Names : Phyllanthusemblica
Country of Origin : India
Color : It has a greenish-yellowish colour
Odor : It has a characteristic floral smell
Extraction Method : Cold pressed
Components : It has ellagitannins, emblicaninA, emblicanin B, pedunculagin, ascorbic acid and others
Solubility : It is soluble in alcohol

Amla Seed carrier oil has been in used since a very long time. It was used by ancient people as a dietary supplement. Amla is a native to South Asia and its plant has a height up to 18 meters. It is also grown in subtropical and tropical regions of China, India, Malaysia etc. Also, it was known for its high medicinal value.


Amla Seed carrier oil is highly cherished among customers for its properties such as anti-bacterial, astringent, aphrodisiac, carminative, aperients and others. This oil has the ability to reduce aging and curing wrinkles. It is also known for preventing cancer, reducing cholesterol, and treating ulcers.

Therapeutic Properties

Amla Seed carrier oil is mainly used for massage purposes due to its effective nourishing property. Known for providing a cooling effect, it is ideal for the massage of cheekbones, scalp and forehead. It is best for relaxing nervous system. This oil work effectively to improve brain cell development. This carrier oil is also known for promoting growth of hair and strengthens hair roots. It is also added to different types of hair care products.

Blends well with

Amla Seed carrier oil blends well with other carrier oils.

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