Tollu Balsam Absolute Oil

Tollu Balsam Absolute Oil

Balsam essential oil is extracted from a tolu balsam tree which is an evergreen tree native to Columbia. All parts of the balsam tree have that balsamic aroma. The aroma is warm and soothing with notes of cinnamon and vanilla. Tolu Balsam Absolute is a true balsam, which is extracted pathologically. The resin is collected by beating the tree around the trunk and making V shaped incisions. Fresh, the oil is of a grey colour, but turns to a reddish brown color on maturity. The smell is sweet, pleasant and aromatic. Tolu Balsam is an essential oil, which is solid at room temperature. It must be heated before use. The absolute oil is used in physical, mental and spiritual aspects. Balsam essential oil has excellent medicinal and therapeutic properties.

Product Name : Tollu Balsam Absolute Extra Oil
Scientific Name : Myroxylon balsamum, Toluifera balsamum, Balsamum tolutanum, Balsamum americanum, Myrosperum toluiferum, Myroxylon toluifera
Country of Origin : Tropical America
Colour and odor : Pale yellow color with amber odor.
Extraction Method : Dry distilled and steam distilled

Because of its wonderful fragrance, balsam absolute oil finds its use in the manufacture of high end luxury soaps, perfumes, and cosmetic products. The oil can be used in bath when mixed with carrier oil, as massage oil, and also as a mist spray.

Therapeutic Properties

Tolu Balsam has the ability to treat coughs, colds, headaches and stomach problems. It serves as a stimulant, tonic and expectorant to treat respiratory problems.

Many aroma therapists have used Tollu Balsam oil for the treatment of anxiety, stress, mental strain, and insomnia. It has also a stimulating effect on heart, and therefore, it used to control the blood pressure. Balsam oil has great anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. This quality helps in skin disease such as fungal infections, eczema, or rashes due to allergy. It has the properties to heal wounds and sore muscles. It is found effective in treatment of rheumatic pains.

It is non-toxic and a skin sensitizer so must be used with care. It is very strong oil and may cause irritation on the skin and allergies on some people. It can also affect the kidneys if taken by mouth in large quantity. A doctor must be consulted before using for specific treatment.

Blends well with

Tollu Balsam Absolute Extra Oil blends well with juniper, rosemary or Siberian pine


“There was a time when I used to feel disconnected with others. I was depressed and lost interest in my work. Advised by one of my uncle I used Tollu Balsam Absolute Oil as massage oil. The aroma and atmosphere created I fell very relaxed now. I can find my way in life. I know my mission and I am successful in doing it.”
- Jenny Doyle

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