Attar has a unique role in the universe of fragrance! The Arabic term attar implies "odors." Attar also referred to as Ittar, is a natural scent oil made from plants such as herbs, blooming flowers, spices, barks, and other organic sources. Only the natural distilled method is used to extract attars. After obtaining these natural oils are processed into a wood foundation, such as sandalwood, and then aged to create a lovely aroma. Depending on the plant from which the oil is obtained, the aging duration might range from one to ten years. Its amazing fragrance gives your personality a good touch-up. Many of them will improve in scent with time.


Attar was also once reserved for the upper class, mainly kings and queens. It is prominently used in the religious sphere. Attar can be used in a variety of ways. Attar is used as a personal perfume, especially by the Muslim population, because it contains no alcohol. In nations like Pakistan and India, rose and kewra scents are used in several sweet treats.

In comparison to the sweets sector, the tobacco industry consumes far less attar. Kewra and rose scents are commonly used in the industry. Attars are used in the creation of scented products like cosmetics, torches, room fresheners, and incense sticks because of their enticing and natural scents.


Attar is basically of two types

1.  COOL ATTARS: they have a cooling effect on the human body, hence used during summer seasons.

2.  WARM ATTARS: they have a warming effect on the human body, hence used during winter seasons.


Black Musk Attar

It has a very appealing herb and black musk fragrance, making it a vital factor in the aromatherapy and perfume industries. This oil's calming and energizing properties provide complete serenity and relaxation for the body, assisting in the treatment of stress, anxiety, and depressive illnesses. You can combine this yellow-brown foliage color oil with Agarwood and sandalwood oil for excellent effects. Although this oil containing black musk attar is non-toxic and non-allergic, it is nonetheless suggested that small children and nursing women use it under the supervision of their doctors.

Amberi Shamama Attar

Hina amber attar is made from more than 75 rare herbs discovered in India. The hydro-refining procedure is used to extract it. The attar is earthy in color and has a lovely fragrance. Hina is highly regarded in South Asia and the Middle East for its rich, complex, and distinctly oriental aroma. Hina is a crimson adhesive made from the leaves of the Lawsonia inermis plant, which is also known as Hina or henna in India. In India, Hina is also used as a vivifying shade on women's hands and feet, notably during wedding functions. It's a light yellowish color with a floral scent. Shamama Attar has elevated religious importance in antiquated civic institutions all throughout the world. It's been used for sanctuary offerings, incense, medicine, and scent.

Kadam attar

The Kadam tree, generally known as the Bellflower tree, is a Rubiaceae family member. In India, this bloom denotes love and knowledge, and it is regarded as a sacred tree. The blossoms come in a variety of red and orange hues. The scent of these blooms is floral and woody. The flowers are steam distilled to make Kadam attar. It contains the essential oils of Indian white sandalwood and Kadam. The Kadam attar has a wide range of applications. It's a component of aromatherapy, which aids in the treatment of depression and anxiety. This is also effective in the treatment of a variety of eye diseases.