Texas Cedarwood Essential Oil

Texas Cedarwood Essential Oil

Botanically known as Juniperus Mexicana, Texas Cedarwood is native to the USA and can also be found in south-western part of the country. Texas Cedarwood is a shrub-like a plant and its leaves are the sources of extraction for its essential oil. Texas Cedarwood Essential Oil has a sweet woody aroma that can help in removing negative thoughts from the mind and replace it with calm and relaxation.

Product Name : Texas Cedarwood Essential Oil
Scientific Name : Juniperus mexicana
Other Names : Mexican Juniper and Moutain Cedar
Country of Origin : USA
Colour : It is yellow in color
Odor : It has sweet woody fragrance
Extraction Method : Steam Distillation
Components : Cedrol, Thujopsene, ß-Cederne
Solubility : -

The ancient Egyptians used Cedarwood for the embalming of the mummies. The Native Americans used the oil to provide calm to the mind from stress. Furthermore, it was also used in various religious ceremonies as well as in meditation.


Few drops of the Texas Cedarwood Essential Oil can be added to skin care creams of choice to prevent acne and blemishes. It can also be used alone or with a combination of other oil for diffusion. The oil's fragrance can help in reducing stress and anxiety levels as well as promote sleep. Furthermore, the oil can also be used for the cleaning of households. Mix a few drops of this oil with lemon and white vinegar and use this blend as a natural disinfectant liquid.

Therapeutic benefits

Texas Cedarwood Essential Oil can help in combating various problems that are related to the nervous system, skin, urinary system, etc. The oil can help in inducing sleep by reducing stress and anxiety. It can also reduce coughs, mucous formation, heal tissues, clears acne and blemishes, etc.

Blends well with

This oil can be blended with Patchouli, Pine, Vanilla, Oakmoss, Coffee, and Spruce.

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