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Lemon Balm Oil

Lemon Balm Oil is extracted from the lemon balm herb through steam distillation method. Lemon Balm plant is a mint plant that grows predominantly in the Mediterranean regions. The oil is extracted from the stems, flowers and leaves of this herb. This oil has a fresh and lemony smell and is light yellow in color. Its constituents are geranial, beta-caryophyllene, neral, 6-methyl-5-hepten-2-one, geranyl acetate, citronellal, and aesculetine. These ingredients present in the oil give it anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that help it to cure several health problems.This oil may be unsuitable for sensitive skin but it is non-poisonous in small doses. But lemon balm oil doesn't lead to side effects such as nausea, irregular menstruation or vomiting.

Scientific Name : Melissa officinalis
Country of Origin : Center-southern Europe and Mediterranean regions
Colour and odor : Yellow colour with a strong lemony aroma
Extraction Method : By Steam Distillation Method

Lemon balm oil is widely used in essential oils, creams and lotions for both medicinal and non-medicinal purposes. Lemon balm essential oils are often used in aromatherapy as it has a calming and soothing effect on mental anxiety and depression. Lemon balm oil when used in ointments and creams serves the medicinal purpose of treating cold sores, herpes and genital ores without any side-effects. The mint characteristic of this oil also makes it an effective ingredient in medicines aimed at treating digestive problems. Lemon balm oil also serves as an additive in bug repellents. The sweet aroma of this oil also enables it to be used during a hot bath and its skincare potential makes it a component of several body creams and lotions.

Lemon balm oil has sedative and anti-inflammatory properties which make it a component of several painkillers and tonics.

Therapeutic Properties

Lemon balm oil is loaded with anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, calmative, nervine, uterine, digestive, anti-oxidant and antispasmodic properties. This oil's antibacterial and antiviral properties help it to treat strep, mumps and herpes. Since this oil has a soothing effect on individuals, it can help a lot in aromatherapy for the cure of patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Not only that, this oil also helps in reducing nervous tension, insomnia and headache. Respiratory problems like bronchitis and asthma can also be treated with the help of this oil.

Lemon balm oil also has a controlling effect on thyroid as it helps in the blocking of the thyroid gland secretion. Lemon balm oil also acts as an agent of relaxation of the spasms affecting the uterine and intestinal muscles.

Blends well with

Lemon balm oil blends well with citrus oils, neroli, rose, lavender, frankincense, geranium, petitgrain and chamomile.


This is an awesome essential oil. I love it! Light lemon scent... I used it to mix with other essential oils as this one is worth it's weight in gold...and added it to my body lotion -- I adore it and get compliments whenever I wear it.
- Laurag

Wonderful healing properties, and lovely soft scent that you can tell from the very beginning of first opening, this oil is special and could help the most dismal, gloomy and pensive heart rise up and be grieved or broken no more! I will lament my own sorrow when my Melissa is gone! It is far worth the price for all its healing properties. Be careful who you purchase your Melissa from as soooooo many dilute or use others with similar characters to replace the true Melissa, but none are as wonderful as this one!
-Lacy Berndt

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