Lavandin oil

Lavandin oil is an essential oil similar to lavender oil with many of the same properties. It is made from the Lavandula plant which is a hybrid made from true lavender and the spike of lavender. The scent of lavandin is similar to lavender with a different more penetrating and forceful note as it has more camphor content it tends to be slightly pungent. It is blended with lavender oil by perfume makers to make the smell stronger and long lasting. This oil is less costly than lavender oil. Its main chemical components are: linalool, lavandulol, camphor, linalyl acetate, caryophelleyene, ceneol, dipentene, camphene, ocimene, limonene and terpenene

Scientific Name : Lavandula Intermedia
Country of Origin : France
Colour and odor : Clear with a floral aroma
Extraction Method : Extracted from fresh flowering tops through steam distillation

Lavandin oil is mostly used in aroma therapy. It is beneficial for sore muscles and clearing sinuses, joint pain, reducing symptoms of cold and flu and clearing toxins from our system. It is mostly used in diffusers, soaps, lotions, room fresheners, vaporisers, perfumes, etc. sometimes blended with lavender oil. This oil can be blended in the bath water or in creams and lotions for external use, and it is not edible.It is preferred by perfume makers for its aroma and for potpourri and craft work.

Therapeutic Properties

Lavandin oil is an excellent relaxant easing sore muscles and joints, relieving the muscular stiffness. It clears the lungs and sinuses from phlegm and heals wounds and dermatitis. It is used as a popular massage blend. Lavandin oil is an anti-depressant and analgesic oil. It is also nervine, antiseptic, and vulnerary. It is also very useful for treating circulatory and respiratory problems. It can be used in the vapour therapy for sinusitis patients also can be mixed in the bath oil as a muscle relaxant. It does not help in burns like lavender oil rather it aggravates the burn due to its high camphor content.

Blends well with

Although essential oils blend well with one another, Lavandin oil blends very well with Citronella, Bergamot, Clary Sage, cinnamon, Pine, Jasmine, Patchouli, Thyme, and Rosemary oils.


I don’t know other lavender oil so I don’t have anything to compare, but I really like this one. Great scent not too strong or weak. I use it as an oil diffuser and for unscented body products.
- Rachel white

Since the last month, the work pressure in the office has increased so much that I remain busy throughout the day. After working and sitting in front of the computer screen gets very tiring and exhausting. I had severe headache and body ache because of it. After searching for a perfect solution, I got lavandin essential oil. Actually, this oil works well against body ache. Its use made me rejuvenated and revitalized. All those who are suffering from headache should use this oil without any doubts.

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