Virgin Cherry seed carrier oil

Cherry kernel oil is derived from the sweet cherry kernels with the use of the cold pressing method. The amount of time taken for producing its first crop is around 3-4 years. At seven years it reaches the age of maturity.

Cherry kernel oil has a high content of Vitamin A. The properties of this seed are similar to peach. This oil is cold pressed from the kernel of the cherry fruit. This oil is also added to soaps, creams, lotions, and other beauty care products to makes them smooth and conditioning.

Product Name : Virgin Cherry seed carrier oil
Botanical Name : Pyrus avium
Other Names : Cherry oil, cherry virgin oil
Country of Origin : UK
Color : It is pale yellow to golden yellow i color
Odor : It has pleasant smell
Extraction Method : steam distillation
Solubility : It is soluble in alcohols and oils

Cherry seed carrier oil is used for thousands of years. In ancient times many people used to use this oil for treating various diseases. This oil was used by people throughout history for curing many benefits. This was used for hair and skin care routines as well.


Cherry seed carrier oil has many uses especially when it comes to skin and hair. This is one of the most uncommon oils, which is excellent for healthy hair and beautiful skin. It is used to cure dandruff, reduces inflamed skin and acne, boosts collagen formation, this oil does not clog pores hence can be applied on the face without any problem. It also helps in reducing any fine lines and wrinkles. It is inexpensive oil of which even the smallest bottle can last for a while as only a few drops are used at a time.

Therapeutic benefits

Cherry seed oil is used in making lip scrubs, body butters, and face care products. Cherry seed oil is helpful in migraine, prevents the risk of anaemia, reduces blood pressure, improves eye health, it contains anti-inflammatory properties, helps to prevent cancer, boosts immunity, removes anxiety and stress, and it is also used to reduce arthritis pain.

Blends well with

Cherry seed carrier oil blends with almost all the essential oil but most commonly they blend well with lavender, and all the fruity oils.

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