Marjoram Oil

Marjoram oil is extracted by steam distillation from fresh and dried leaves of Marjoram plant growing in the Mediterranean Region also known as Knotted Marjoram. Some chief constituents of Marjoram Oil are, Alpha Terpinene, Sabinene Hydrate Terpinolene Gamma Terpinene, Linalool, Linalyl Acetate, Cymene, Sabinene Terpineol and Gamma Terpineol.

Scientific Name : Origanum majorana
Country of Origin : Indonesia
Colour and odor : woody camphorous odor
Extraction Method : By Steam Distillation Method.

The woody, spicy, camphoraceous aroma of marjoram oil has a warming effect on both mind and body.It soothes tense muscles after exercise and is beneficial for occasional simple nervous tension. This oil is used in the cosmetic industries around the world inmanufacturing skina nd beauty products like creams, body oils, and soaps, shampoos and antibacterial lotions. It is successfully used by companies to produce aromatherapy products like bath oils, towel scenting, light rings, spa's, incense, laundry, facial hair treatments, steams, and more. Many medicines are made by Ayurveda and Homeopath doctors using marjoram oil that are effective in the treatment of diseases of the digestive system and the respiratory system.

Therapeutic USES

Marjoram oil is helpful in curing nearly all types of spasms of the respiratory system, suggestive and muscular spasms. It helps in reducing the pain from cold, fever headache and inflammation of muscles. It is an effective antiseptic for insect bites, stings, sunburn, wounds and intestinal infections.This oil may be used as an expectorant by adding it to a steam inhalation. By killing the bacteria marjoram oil protects from food poisoning, typhoid, and other infections of the digestive system and urinary tract. The oil helps to relax the muscles of the abdominal region and give relief from indigestion, vomiting and flatulence.

Ladies having problems with irregular periods can benefit from the emenagogue property of marjoram oil. It also gives relief from other problems associated with periods and menopause. Marjoram is effective in giving relief from congestion of the lungs, larynx, and nasal tract.This oil has properties of anaphrodisiac which is opposite to aphrodisiac marjoram oil helps to supress the sexual desires and thus is beneficial for those who suffer from abnormal and extreme sexualdesires.

As an antiviral product it is effective in curing diseases caused by virus like common cold, mumps, measles and pox.Marjoram oil also promotes perspiration and keeps the body healthy but getting rid of toxins, salts and excess water from the body. The most important medicinal property of marjoram oil is that it helps in widening the blood vessels and easing the blood flow, thus preventing the risk of heart attack and brain hemorrhage.

Blends well with

Marjoram oil blends well with cedar wood, bergamot, eucalyptus, tea tree, marjoram oil and chamomile.


Love the oil and love its therapeutic properties. Thanks!
- Mary Jane

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