Kukui Nut Carrier Oil

Kukui Nut Carrier Oil

Kukui nut oil is pale and clear and non-greasy. It was previously used as a cooking medium but currently is mostly used as emollients in cosmetic products. The oil has great medicinal properties and can be used to treat a multiple of skin conditions. Kukui nut oil is loaded with natural polyunsaturated fatty acids. It contains linoleic acid, i.e. omega – 6 fatty acid and also a-linolenic, i.e, omega – 6 fatty acid. It is used extensively in treating mild and even severe skin conditions.

The shelf life of Kukui nut oil is very low, around 6 months to 1 year. It needs to be stored in a cool place that does not get direct sunlight. It is best to refrigerate the oil, after opening.

Scientific Name : Aleurite Moluccans
Country of Origin : Hawaii
Colour and odor : It is pale, clear and yellow in colour. The oil has a typical carrier oil smell.
Extraction Method : It is extracted from the roasted kernels of the Candle Nut tree by hydraulic pressing.

Kukui nut oil penetrates quickly and being light finds use as a moisturizer. It softens the skin and also helps in treating sunburns and irritations. The oil is helpful in treating skin conditions like chapped skin, superficial burns and a host of skin ailments.

It has been found that Kukui nut oil prevents epidermal water loss and thus improves skin elasticity. It also boosts the formation of anti-inflammatory metabolites.

Kukui nut oil is also used in preparing sun care products and even conditioning shampoos. It provides better protection against the sun and other harsh elements. The oil penetrates the skin quickly and does not leave a greasy feeling. It is used to heal skin problems like dryness, eczema, psoriasis and other severe skin problems. It can reverse the damage done to the skin and leaves it smooth, radiant and supple.

The oil can be used to treat hemorrhoids too.

Blends well with

Kukui nut oil has a light texture which makes it great carrier oil. It is blended with other carrier oils to enhance the benefits. When blended, the shelf life of the oil increases and thus can be used for a longer time.


I have been using Kukui nut oil for the last couple of weeks to treat chapped skin. It is an excellent oil as it gets absorbed very quickly and moisturizes the skin very well. My skin condition has vastly improved and I am happy that I chose to order it from Aromatherapy. I have got the oil in its purest form.
- Paula Simpson

I had ordered Kukui nut oil from Aromatherapy last month. The consignment was delivered promptly and the packaging was neat. The oil was of good quality. I am using it and happy with the outcome.
- Rubie Johnson

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