Bitter Gourd Carrier Oil

Bitter gourd carrier oil is extracted from cold pressed method and belongs to Cucurbitaceae family. It is a subtropical and tropical vine that grows up to 16 ft in length. This oil is used for medicinal and cooking purposes. It is a folk remedy for different problems such as stomach complaints, ulcer, gout, laxative, cough and other several diseases. This oil has purported uses such as HIV and AIDs prevention, treatment of cancer and skin infections. It is highly used in the native medicines of Africa and Asia.

Product Name : Bitter Gourd Carrier Oil
Botanical Name : Momordicacharantia
Other Names : Karela oil
Country of Origin : India
Color : It has a yellowish colour
Odor : It has a characteristic odour
Extraction Method : Cold pressed method
Components : Its major constituent such as β-sitosterol, peroxide values, phytosterols (886 mg/100 g) and others.
Solubility : It is soluble with organic and alcoholic solvents but it is not soluble in water.

Bitter gourd carrier oil was originated in India. In the 14th century, this oil was brought into China.


Bitter gourd carrier oil is seasonal carrier oil that is used to treat different health-related problems. This oil is highly effective for skin infections. It promotes hair growth and reduces hair loss. This oil is good for itchy and dry scalp.

Therapeutic Properties

Bitter gourd carrier oil is highly appreciated among people for its ability to purify the blood. This oil is highly effective for diabetes. It activates spleen and liver. This oil is known for its bitter taste. It has a high value of nutrients such as vitamin C, iron, magnesium and others.

Blends well with

Bitter gourd carrier oil blends well with organic and alcoholic solvents.

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