Pink Lotus Attar

Pink Lotus Attar

Pink lotus Attar became popular seeing that inexpensive choice pertaining to sandalwood attar. It really is taken out via pink lotus flower by simply water distillation method. Pink Lotus is also referred to as Nelumbo nucifera or simply just lotus. It really is thought to be a new divine symbol within Hindu religious beliefs. It is also this countrywide flower of Asia and Vietnam. Pink lotus, which is one of the family members Nelumbonaceae, can be a marine perennial vegetable. The actual actually leaves with this vegetable is seen floating about the normal water of wetlands and lake with flower about the solid water, beginnings rising about the soil within the underside and seed products is seen lying down about the normal water. Most of these seeds continue being workable for several years. The actual lotus is grown within normal water home gardens pertaining to design and in addition for the oil and food. Every a part of this particular vegetable just like flower, actually leaves, come, beginnings and seed products are usually edible. Lotus Attar is pink within color which enables it to always be blended thoroughly with many other herbal oils.

Product name : Pink lotus attar
Botanical name : Nelumbo nucifera
Country of origin : this oil is originated from India
Color : The name itself indicates that the color of this oil is pink
Odor : The odor of this oil is heavenly odor
Extraction method

the pink lotus oil is extracted by the process of steam distillation


Lotus Utter is normally acknowledged within Asia seeing that pink overall. White lotus is really a scared flower of each Hinduism and Buddhism religious beliefs. Additionally, it when compared Frankincense since it has ability to open the air techniques deepening this air therefore advertising rest and peace. Greek and roman applied this particular to heal asthma, rheumatism, etc


Sunflower seeds essential oil, materials alcohol, and essential herbal oils of tangerine, pink grapefruit, sour orange, lime, lemongrass, bergamot, carrot seeds and e vitamin.


The White Lotus Attar can be used within aromatherapy and for non secular enlightenment through deep breathing.

Pink Lotus Attar is blended thoroughly with distinct oils and used by massage therapy to renew this mind and body.

The sweet fragrance with this attar is usually employed in many cosmetic merchandise and cologne sector too. It is also employed in room fresheners, bath tub herbal oils, potpourri aroma and lighting happens to be.

The attar radiates warmth and creates a new soothing aura that ends in spirit exceptional experience. For this reason it can be applied extensively in deep breathing focuses and prayer home.

Pink lotus attar provides an extremely positive consequence tosk in issues and is particularly employed in skin steams, head of hair treatment method and spas.

Blends well with

This pink lotus attar blends well with sandalwood oil.


In order to get good results of positive thinking, use this pink lotus attar.

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