Galangal Oil

Galangal is a plant which strikingly resembles a reed. It is barely touches 1m in height and has scattered roots of mass called rhizomes. The plant is a close cousin to ginger and has served great purpose in Asian cuisines. Even though, the plant looks to be quite similar to ginger, it tastes very different. The Galangal is also nicknamed as the Chinese ginger. The plant has been used since the olden times in England and is even mentioned in an old book written in 1390.

The Galangal is known for its spicy yet fresh stimulating aroma which has aphrodisiac properties. The herb is till date sold for its stimulating effect. When blended with different ingredients, the Europeans believe that it could be used for magic. The reed has been used to promote good health and attracts wealth.

Scientific Name : Alpina Officinalis
Country of Origin : China
Colour and odor : Yellowish-brown colour with a spicy aroma
Extraction Method : By Steam Distillation Method.

The Galangal oil can cure maladies such as nausea, dyspepsia and loss of hunger. The oil can lower the body temperature when one suffers from high fever. It effectively rids one of cough, infections and liver problems. The oil is used in many medicinal potions. The oil can combat the adverse effects of rheumatism and bronchial catarrh. The oil is effective keeping breathing problems at bay. The oil promotes the circulation of blood in the limbs. A few drops of can be used for flavoring meat. The oil is also used for treating skin related diseases.

Therapeutic Uses

The Galangal oil has carmative properties and is used is a good antiseptic. The oil is also known to be anti- inflammatory. Galangal is widely used for promoting sexual health and wellbeing. The Oil is restorative and hypotensive in nature. Apart from this, the oil is anti-tussive, balsamic and cicatrizant

Blends well with

Galangal Oil can easily blend with Rosemary. Also it can mix well with Sage. Other oils with which it can also mix easily are citrus oils and lavender.


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