Motia Attar

Motia Attar

Motia attar is extracted when using the steam or drinking water distillation process on the Palmarosa plant. The chemical composition of this plant includes Benzyl acetate, terpineol, cassia, and terpineol for example. This attar is often called Motia attar and jasmine Sambac. It is also helpful to treat different medical problems whatsoever possible time. From some places, this attar can also be used by the folks to welcome their own guests by sprinkling it to them.

Product name : Motia Attar
Botanical name : The botanical name is Jasmine Sambac
Part of plant used : The plant that is used for the extraction of this oil is Palmarosa plant
Country of origin : The origin of this oil is India.
Color : The color of Motia attar is yellow.
Odor : This attar has got spicy, warm but not much sharp fragrance.

Many experts have used as any perfume since several years. Its fragrance is very popular since your ancient times. People can be a great fan of this attar.


Insect repellent: Motia attar can also be as an efficient insect repellant. It can be used in your granary storage to help keep the insects absent. It tends to kill the insects and keep your home germ totally free. You can utilize this perfumed oil devoid of keeping any second thoughts in mind.

Perfume industry: This attar has a very special and extraordinary fragrance as a result of which it is used in the perfumery industry for a wider scale. People prefer acquiring those perfumes only which have the fragrance of this Motia attar in it. It has basically become widely well-known. It can be also utilized for component from the preparing of many makeup solutions.

Positivity: That attar is effective throughout reviving body and mind. It has those people calming effects that transfuse happiness, positivity, and taste from the head. People who are tiny frustrated and stressed may sense superior using the mild and peaceful perfume of this scent gas.


Latest medical analysis offers verified exactly what traditional Ayurvedic knowledge offers seen above the hundreds of years. Scientific tests for the effects associated with deep breathing jasmine perfume have realized how the floral generates any revitalizing effect on as their pharmaceutical counterpart, and appreciably boosts emotional alertness. Additional scientific tests located that it revitalizing effect reduces the requirement regarding snooze. Seeing that lovers and weary moms and dads know, they're


Motia attar isn't going to trigger virtually any uncomfortable side effects nevertheless it ought to always be definitely avoided with the medical mums, pregnant women and young kids. Many people should seek out suitable professional medical advice ahead of applying this natural and organic attar.

Blends well with

That attar blends wonderfully using clove, benzyl acetate, terapine, clove and a few various other necessary skin oils.


I get frustrated with my daily themes. I used this Motia attar; it is very helpful to give a better feel.

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