YaraYara Essential Oil

YaraYara Essential Oil

YaraYara essential oil is extracted from the dried herbs of the Achilleamillefoliumplant by the process of steam distillation. This essential oil is the best oil which is ideal for the treatment of fever during cold, upset stomach and inflammation. This oil is known for its several properties such as anti-bacterial, cicatrisant, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory. This oil finds its usefulness in Ayurvedic and pharmaceutical industries. It has the high ability to treat acidity, intestinal pain and stomach cramps. Widely used in cosmetic and soap making industries, it added to the lotions, creams, soaps, shampoos and other beauty products.

Product Name : YaraYara essential oil
Scientific Name : Achilleamillefolium
Other Names : Yarrow essential oil
Country of Origin : India and Indonesia
Colour : It has a dark blue colour
Odor : It has an herbaceous and spicy odour
Extraction Method : Steam distillation
Components : It has camphene, b-pinene, Tricyclene, sabinen, borneol and others
Solubility : It is insoluble in water and soluble in oils & alcohols

YaraYara essential oil was used by Achilles, the Greek hero of Trojan War. Its botanical name AchilleaMillefolicum is also followed by the name of Achilles. In the war field, it was used for healing wounds since medieval times. Ancient Chinese medicinal system used it for treating menstruation problems. In Scotland, it was used as a protection against the evil. It was believed that this oil was highly effective for treating different disorders all through the ages.


YaraYara essential oil is highly demanded in the market due to its ability to treat health issues of respiratory and digestive systems. This oil is highly effective to treat problems such as rashes, marks, cuts, open sores, dermatitis, psoriasis, dryness, unshorn skin, stretch marks, acne, inflamed wounds and other several skin diseases. This essential oil is also good for enhancing blood circulation.

Therapeutic benefits

YaraYara essential oil is good for removing toxins from the body and also stimulate the metabolic functions in the body. It is a perfect oil for moisturizing the skin. This oil is ideal for fighting infections in excretory and reproductive systemsis oil is a. It is good to treat gum problems. It is an effective oil for hair growth and preventing dandruff. Thlso used for treating breast cancer.

Blends well with

YaraYara essential oil blends well with lemongrass, cypress, oak moss, rosemary, blue tansy, angelica essential oils.

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