Violet Essential Oil

Violet Essential Oil

Violet essential oil has multiple uses; it is used as a flavoring agent for food, treats different types of skin diseases and used for scent purpose. This oil is highly admired for its health benefits. It is effective for treating sexual dysfunction. Due to its antiseptic property, it is extremely effective for relieving bladder and ureter inflammation. In modern times, it is highly used for soothing rheumatism, tension headache, muscular stress, and bronchitis.

Product Name : Violet Essential Oil
Scientific Name : Viola odorata
Other Names : Sweet violet
Country of Origin : Native to Europe and Asia
Colour : It is dark green in colour
Odor : It has sweet floral scent
Extraction Method : Solvent extraction
Components : Hexyl alcohol, nonadienal, bezyl alcohol, and parmone.
Solubility : It soluble with carrier oils or essential oils

Violet essential oil has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. In ancient Greece, the leaves of the plant are used for wrapping the head for treating headaches and dizzy spells. In Europe, it was used as a traditional remedy for soothing coughing and respiratory congestions.


Violet essential oil finds its usefulness in cosmetic, perfume making, candle making, soap making and Ayurvedic industries. This is added in soaps and shampoos for good quality skin and hair. In candles, violet essential oil is added for scenting purposes. It has an excellent cleansing property. This essential oil works effectively for treating psoriasis and eczema. It is also the best oil for treating cold and relieves bloating.

Therapeutic benefits

Violet essential oil is highly beneficial for aromatherapy and body massage. This is widely demanded in spa care centers for its sweet fragrance. It has anti-inflammatory property and works well for treating arthritis, headaches, and swollen muscles. It is well-suited for promoting good sleep and moisturizes skin in a good manner.

Blends well with

Violet essential oil blends well with floral essential oils like Geranium and Lavender.

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