Vanilla Essential Oil

Vanilla Essential Oil

Vanilla essential oil is extracted from the plant that belongs to the family of orchid. Its scent and flavor comes after drying and treating it for months. Its main active compound is vanillin. This oil is highly cherished for its numerous health benefits. It finds its usefulness in cosmetic, food processing, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Product Name : Vanilla Essential Oil
Scientific Name : Vanilla planifolia
Other Names : Vanilla
Country of Origin : Native to Mexico and Central America
Colour : It has deep brown colour
Odor : It has sweet fragrance
Extraction Method : CO2 extracted
Components : It is a composition of piperonal, caproic and eugenol acids
Solubility : It is soluble with water and alcohol based solutions

Vanilla was cultivated by Totonacs and used it for adding flavor in sweet drinks. It became popular in Europe in early 1600s. It was highly liked by Queen Elizabeth 1 and became her favorite flavor for desserts. It was introduced to the world due to globalization and colonization.


Vanilla is extremely effective for improving sleep quality. This oil is also known for maintaining respiratory health and helps to breathe easier at night. It is ideal for reducing presence of harmful bacteria and also prevents bacteria from spreading. This essential oil also protects against some diseases. It is added in different kinds of soaps and shampoos because it promotes hair and skin health.

Therapeutic benefits

Vanilla essential oil has several therapeutic advantages. It is ideal for evoking feelings of happiness and warmth which is good for promoting relaxation. It has calming substance which makes it a highly added ingredient in body and bath products. It effectively calms claustrophobia and anxiety. This oil works well on both the mind and body.

Blends well with

Vanilla essential oil blends well with alcohol and water based solutions.

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