Spikenard Essential Oil

Spikenard Essential Oil

Nardostachys Jatamansi is a plant that belongs to the Valerianaceae family. The plant grows to a height of 1 meter and it bears fruits that are bell-shaped and are found in colors such as white, pink, and rose. The rhizomes of the plant are used for the extraction of this oil which is called Spikenard Essential Oil. The oil is known for its medicinal properties that can help in curing numerous health-related problems such as migraines, nervous disorder, insomnia, etc.

Product Name : Spikenard Essential Oil
Scientific Name : Nardostachys jatamansi
Other Names : Nardin, Muskroot
Country of Origin : India
Colour : It is pale yellow
Odor : It has misty like aroma
Extraction Method : Steam Distillation
Components : Monoterpenes and Valeranone such as Pinene
Solubility : Soluble in alcohols

The Egyptians used the Spikenard oil for the process of embalming thousands of years ago. The ancient Greeks used this oil for the preparation of skin creams as well as perfumes. Furthermore, the oil was used for its medicinal properties in India, Japan, and China.


Spikenard Essential Oil has relaxing properties, so it can be used for relaxations and eliminating stress from the mind. The oil can also be applied on the hair to retain its color as well as slow down graying of hair. This oil can also be used as a massage oil to curb headaches, menstrual cramps, and induce sleep if troubled with insomnia.

Therapeutic benefits

Spikenard Essential Oil is blessed with various therapeutic properties that can help in alleviating various health-related problems from the body. It's anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties keeps the harmful pathogens at bay as well as treat infections in the urinary bladder, kidneys, and problems like athlete's foot, tetanus and nail fungus. Due to its anti-inflammatory quality, the oil can be used to treat asthma, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, high blood pressure, etc.

Blends well with

Spikenard Essential Oil can be blended with Lavender, Vetiver, Close, Juniper and Geranium.

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