neem oil

Neem Oil

The Neem oil is an oil which can be ingested and used in food items.This oil is obtained by cold pressing. The seeds and the fruit of the Neem tree are used to derive the oil. The tree can grow upto 25-35 feet in height. It is widely found in India. The oil that is obtained from the plant is blood red in color. It has a very strong and overpowering odor which seems like a combination of garlic oil with peanuts.

The oil has a tangy taste and is bitter to the tongue. This essential oil contains a high content of triglycerides. The oil is used for emulsification purposes because of its hydroscopic properties. The oil is also rich in Stearic and Palmatic acid. The oil has omega 3 acids along with these acids.

Scientific Name : Azadirachta indica
Country of Origin : India
Colour and odor : Yellow transparent oil with Neem like odor
Extraction Method : By Cold Pressing method

The Neem oil has many medicinal properties which is why it is regarded with such high value. The Neem oil can be used to treat high fevers and inflammations on the skin. The oil can help one in getting rid of acne and skin related problems. The oil has been used to treat people suffering from diseases like TB and leprosy. Neem extracts have been used widely in making toothpaste and mouthwashes. The oil has often been used for enhancing the body's immunity against infections and helps balance hormones in the body.

Therapeutic Uses

Neem has many therapeutic properties. It is carmative and anti-feedant. The oil is an effective antiseptic and has also been use for its contraceptive properties. The oil improves kidney problems and makes for a strong diuretic. The oil is a good pediculocide and a parasiticide.

Blends well with

This essentialoil can mix well with nutmeg and pine. Other oils with which it can also mix easily are lavender and rosemary.


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