Lotus Oil

Lotus oil is extracted from the flower Nelumbo nuciferaof the lotus plant that grows in water through the solvent extraction method. The oil is yellow in color and is highly concentratedthe main constituents of lotus oil are alcohol, neferin and lotusine. The solvent method of extraction is very time consuming and the other method called hypercritical carbon dioxide extraction is done by very expensive high tech. equipment. This is the main reason that it is very expensive oil.

Scientific Name : Nelumbo nucifera
Country of Origin : India
Colour and odor : yellow in color with mild floral odor
Extraction Method : Solvent extract

Lotus oil canadded to any lotions, creams or other skin care cosmetics. A few drops of lotus oil can be put in any unscented cream or lotion to get its benefits. It is also used as aperfume. Some people like to add lotus oils to make homemade soaps or homemade candles. Many cosmetic industries make use of this oil to make products for bath therapy, massage, misting and perfume.It provides oneof the most potent anti-wrinkle remedies and can decrease wrinkles within a matter of weeks. This is one of the reasons so many cosmetics companies include oil of Lotus in their skin care products and charge a fortune for the product. It is very effective in bringing aglow to a tired oily skin. Besides being used in commercial products, a drop of lotus oil can be used to make homemade baths, massage oils, lotions and candles. It can be directly used for aromatherapy by burning it in diffusers.

Therapeutic Properties

Lotus essential oil is said to help promote tranquillity, spiritual reflection and aid in meditation, The Ancient Romans used lotus oil in compresses rubs and plasters for treating asthma and other upper respiratory infections. Lotus is one of those scents like frankincense that makes the body unconsciously take deeper breaths, promoting relaxation and calm. Lotus oil is an overalltonic that helps the human body work in an efficient manner. It is advised not to use the undiluted form of this oil directly on the skin as it is very concentrated and may affect the skin.

Blends well with

Lotus Oil can be blended with any oil which is a bit cheaper like sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil or jojoba oil.


I was hesitated to try out lotus oil as I found it very expensive. Still I gave it a try because I came to know of its benefits to remove and lessen wrinkles and give a glow to the skin. I am surprised at its results, my face has regained my past glow that gives me a great feeling.
- Lisa Palmer

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