Emu Essential Oil

Emu Essential Oil

Emu essential oil extracted from fat collected underneath the skin of Emu bird which is a flightless bird. It is extracted through the steam distillation process. This oil is known for the components such as omega fatty acids and antioxidants. Emu is mainly found in Hungary and also in other parts of the world. This oil has a high medicinal value and finds its usefulness in several pharmaceutical products.

Product Name : Emu essential oil
Scientific Name : Emu Regular
Other Names : Aceite de Emu
Country of Origin : Hungary
Colour : It has clear to pale yellow color
Odor : It has a slight odor
Extraction Method : Steam distillation
Components : Its major constituents are an omega-6 fatty acid, omega-3 fatty acid and others
Solubility : It is insoluble in water

Emu essential oil has been used since ages for the treatment of skin conditions. It was introduced to European culture by Australians as a moisturizer. This oil was used as a natural remedy for treating different problems like pain reliever, skin protector, etc. It has been used for over 40,000 years.


Emu essential oil is widely admired among people for its effectiveness. This oil works well to lock skin moisture and makes skin less prone to drying out. It is ideal for increasing the number of healthy skin cells. This oil is also effective in reducing the appearance of skin wrinkles and sun-damaged skin. It is the best oil for the treatment of skin conditions like wounds, acne, and wrinkles.

Therapeutic benefits

With anti-inflammatory properties, Emu essential oil is best to treat arthritis, inflammatory bowel syndrome and ear inflammation. It is widely used as massage oil and also known for its ability to prevent bone loss that is caused by chemotherapy. This oil is also ideal to reduce cholesterol and healing wounds. This oil is cherished among people for its bug repellant property.

Blends well with

Emu essential oil can easily mix with the other carrier oils.

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