Coffee Oil

Coffee Oil

The botanical name of coffee is Coffee arabica. The plant parts are used widely to obtain the oil are the seeds through cold pressed extraction mannerisms. The coffee bean originated in Brazil. This species of coffee is widely grown nowadays. These plants produce a good 70% of the coffee of the world. The coffee is superior to most of its other species. All fancy and fine coffee beans are used to make the best oil produce.

History has it that coffee was used by the Persians in medicine in as back as the 10th century. There are documented proofs that Sufi monks drank it in 15th century to ward off lethargy and it is from here that the world got to know of coffee.

Scientific Name : Coffee arabica
Country of Origin : Venezuela
Colour and odor : brown colour liquid with a strong smell of coffee
Extraction Method : By Steam Distillation Method.

after application. Coffee has widely been known for the fact that it delays signs of aging. The oil at large has been used to fight depression and create euphoric sense of feeling. The oil can help the body to fight any mental stress and can even treat breathing problems. IF one gets bitten by a bee, then the oil treat and heal stings. The oil has also been known to bring down high body temperatures and cure people of sickness due to nausea.

The oil is said to have many therapeutic uses. It is an effective diuretic and stimulant. Its sweet smell makes it a good deodorizer as well. Coffee oil has been widely used in the perfumery industry. It is used for making soaps, lotions and massage oils. Most air-fresheners have a dash of this oil because of its overwhelming scent

Therapeutic Properties

Apart from energising the mind and body, the oil has been known to uplift one's mood. The oil can even soothe sore parts of the body especially when added to a bubbles bath. If one suffers from an upset stomach then this oil will most certainly provide you much needed relief. The oil is packed with flavonoids and is perfect to burn like an incense stick at home for promoting a good smell in the room. Medically the oil can boost one's blood pressure if low and can increase heart palpitations. Thus it must be used wisely especially when it comes to women who are in the family way or heart patients.

Blends well with

The Oil can easily blend with water. Other oils with which it can also mix easily are citrus and ylang-ylang.


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