Clary Sage Oil

Clary Sage Oil

Clary sage oil is obtained from Salvia sclarea which is popularly called as clear eye. The plant is mainly found in the Southern parts of Europe. It grows up to be 3 feet in height and has spiked leaves with white flowers. The Russians cultivate this plant for its valuable oil. The word Clary derives its name from the Latin word Claris which means clear. It was known as the eye of Christ and was often revered for its curative properties. Jamaica still uses this for ulcers and inflammation in the eye.

The Clary sage oil is obtain by the process of steam distillation. Its leaves and flowers help in producing the essential oil. The oil mainly comprises of several constituents like linalool, caryophyllene, geraniol and sclareol amongst others. Clary sage can prove to be very relaxing and one mustn't use it under the influence of alcohol. The oil is non-toxic in nature but can trigger a migraine if used in large quantities. Doctors advise against the use of this oil especially when a woman is in the family way

Scientific Name : Salvia sclarea
Country of Origin : Northern America
Colour and odor : Yellowish with sweet aroma
Extraction Method : By Steam Distillation Method

The oil is said to be have great therapeutic effects. Some us it as an anti-depressant others use it as an antiseptic. The oil is also said to cause the arousal of sexual feeling and can freely be used as aphrodisiac. The oil can kill bacteria too. The Clary sage oil can remove toxins form the digestive system and is widely used as a sedative. This oil has found to be of good use in the perfumery industry because of its pleasant smell. Several high end perfumes use a dash of this oil to enhance the fragrance.

Therapeutic Properties

The oil can create a euphoric sense of feeling and can calm and soothe the nerves when tense. The oil is a boon to people who suffer from insomnia and stress. For women who experience painful periods it is advisable to use this as a powerful tonic. The oil can help in providing a less excruciating child birth process.

Clary sage is known to lower the chances of hot flushes when a woman reaches a stage of menopause. It fights headaches and sweats. The oil is good for massaging the joints and cooling the skin.

The most popular way to use this oil is in vaporizers. The oil can even be used in baths and lotion blends. The oil mixes well with citrus oils, lavender and jasmine.

Blends well with

If you like fruity fragrances then you can blend this oil with cocoa and lemon. Other ingredients such as rose and jasmine blend beautifully with vanilla too. Some other elements that blend well include bergamot, amber and caramel.


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