Chamomile Roman Essential Oil

Chamomile Roman Essential Oil

Extracted from the flowers of chamomile through steam distilled methods, Chamomile Roman essential oil has a delightful fragrance. It has properties like an anti-depressant, cicatrizant, stomachic, febrifuge, sedative, vermifuge, etc. This oil is highly appreciated for its effective relaxing properties. It works great for easing anxiety and reduces stress.

Product Name : Chamomile Roman Essential Oil
Scientific Name : Anthemis nobilis L
Other Names : Garden chamomile
Country of Origin : Hungary
Colour : It has a yellow-pale blue color
Odor : It has a light, fresh apple aroma
Extraction Method : Steam distillation
Components : Its major constituents are 1, 8-cineole, camphene, b-pinene, caryophyllene and propyl angelate
Solubility : It is soluble with alcohol and essential oils

Ancient Egyptians added Chamomile Roman essential oil in incense, medicines, and beverages. This oil was used for reducing fever and ease female troubles in Greece. In Europe and America, it was used for its ability of relieving allergies, indigestive upsets, and pain.


Chamomile Roman essential oil is known for its anti-fungal and calming properties. Due to its excellent anti-spasmodic property, it is well-cherished among customers. It is added in different kinds of pharmaceutics medicines. This oil is good for mental, emotional, and physical health. It boosts restful sleep and relieves sore muscles. Apart from this, Chamomile Roman essential oil works excellently for the treatment of migraines, teething, and colic.

Therapeutic benefits

Chamomile Roman essential oil is highly admired among customers for its properties such as sedative, anti-bacterial and antibiotic. This oil is good for relieving pain and ensures proper function of the digestive system. It is good for fever, nervous system and inflammation. This oil has a high ability to effectively sooth the skin.

Blends well with

Chamomile Roman essential oil is ideal to be blend with other essential oils

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