Calendula Oil

Calendula Oil

Clear transparent liquid is very effective in many areas. This is the part of marigold family. They are derived from better quality marigold flowers. This oil is very important for a better health of a person and on the other hand, it is having some side effects too. It is not good for the pregnant women but on the other hand, many patients to different diseases are getting valuable treatments through it. There are many countries, which are performing therapies to cure diseases through this oil. There are different countries in the markets who are manufacturing this oil with natural ingredients.

Scientific Name : Calendula officinalis
Country of Origin : USA
Colour and odor : Golden Yellow with calendula
Extraction Method : Cold pressed

There are different sectors where this oil is used. This is used for the treatment of dried skin, insect bites, anti fungal, stimulant, as an antiseptic and in other various ways. It also provides cure against the disease Staphylococcus, which is a flesh eating disease. The Calendula Oil kills those bacteria completely. A person must respect such an important herb, as it is helpful in curing several types of diseases. A person must know about its qualities and must plant this flower in his home. The dried flower petals of marigold are very effective in providing cure against the illness and this concept was in use from the ancient times. However, the evidence shows that the people started using this flower as a part of remedy from the last hundred years. This Calendula oil, because of its different uses in different areas is also known as the mother of skin in Homeopathic herbalists.

Therapeutic Properties

Calendula Oil is effective is providing better digestion, healing gastric ulcers in the internal part of body. In other way, it is also effective for small ulcers in throat or mouth areas. As far as concerned with the external areas, this is used to cure the problems like eczema, conjunctivitis, Gingivitis, foot of an athlete, yeast infections and many others diseases. For a newborn baby, this oil is effective for nappy rash, cradle cap in babies and to new mothers. The oil can also be used for curing the burnt parts and eczema and to slow healing wounds. One of the other uses of this oil is in Aromatherapy as it is having skin healing properties.

Blends well with

Calendula Oil blends well with the Arnica, lavender, cypress, bergamot, and frankincense. Through this way, it can serve to all kinds of diseases or illness because of which people can once again start living their life as a normal person.


I love this product. I usually apply it on my whole body after the shower. It absorbs quickly and leaves the skin super moisturized and silky smooth. I like using body oils for moisturizing my skin because I like the simplicity of the ingredient list!
- G. Dorothy

I love the body oil it smells amazing and is incredibly moisturizing without being greasy, and lasts a long time.
- Maira Winona

I use after a bath or shower mostly just on my legs and arms and it sinks in right away. The bottle has a handy top that means you do not end up pouring too much out. Thanks Natures Naturals India!
- Joshua Lewis

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