argan oil

Argan oil

This essential oil is extracted from the kernels of the popular Aragan tree. Endemic to entire Morocco the herb is valued for its great nutritive value, therapeutic and cosmetic properties. Famous amidst Moroccans as a cosmetic oil, its tree has withstood droughts and other harsh environmental conditions prevailing in Southwest of Morocco. This plant that once covered the entire North Africa is under human threat and so under strict protection of UNESCO. Argan tress tends to grow in wilderness in mild arid soil and its deep extended root system offers optimum protection from constant soil erosion.

Approximately one liter of this essential oil is extracted from thirty kg of its fruits in around 15 long dedicated hours. This lengthy extraction method calls for great expertise and skilled labor that has been passed over centuries. The fruit ripens completely by late summers and falls on to the ground, from where they are carefully collected. Argan fruits are then laid out on open land and dried. To extract the oil fruit is removed of its dried outer cover and then seeds are removed from its hard inner shell by using ancient artisanal process involving stones.

Scientific Name : Arganiaspinosa L
Country of Origin : Native to Southwest Morocco
Colour and odor : Beautiful golden nutty oil is extracted from the fruit.
Extraction Method : Cold pressed to extract the oil from the kernels

Culinary argan oil when used for dipping your breakfast bread, with salads, on couscous and many more such use increases the nutrient value. Herbal medical practitioners have been using unroasted argan oil to cure skin diseases and prescribe it as the best cosmetic oil for both; hair and skin. Wonderful for healing burns the oil is often used against rheumatism

Therapeutic Properties

Since ages mothers have been feeding their babies' argan oil to ease the digestion system and using it as a cure for many illnesses. Containing twice the level of essential vitamin E as compared to olive oil it is considered as a strong antioxidant. Antioxidant plays a vital role in fighting free radicals that are the root cause of cell aging and various kinds of cancer. The oil offers quite high level of omega fatty acids six and nine, that aids in brain functioning. A spoon full of argan oil daily can lower the cholesterol level.

Blends well with

Aragan oil does blend well with other ingredients. The oil mixes well with Shea butter to make A grade moisturizer and hair conditioner.


Since many years I had been struggling to get rid of my oily skin and enhance radience. Considering it cosmetic benefits I shopped for argan oil from Nature Naturals Store . After cleansing morning and night I massaged few drops of this oil onto my face and as the oil was dry it worked as a wonderful moisturiser. Argan oil gets absorbed so instanly and is non greasy.
- Kathy Young

I have been using argan oil form Nature Naturals Store for my dry hair. Everyone is happy at home with the fizz nad shine they get just by applying few drops of this oil onto their scalp. As you need very less of this oil it last long.
- Oliver Jones

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