Lotus Flower Oil

Lotus Flower Oil

The lotus flower blossom belongs to the family of Nelumbonaceae. The blossom is considered sacred in the India and Sri Lanka. The lotus flower is connected with spirituality and meditation as it signifies purity and eternity. The oil is extracted from the petals of these beautiful flowers. Inhaling the essence of the lotus helps you in deep breathing and giving peace and calm to the mind and body. The floral absolute is insoluble in water can found to be soluble in alcohol and oil.

Product name : Lotus Flower Oil
Scientific Name : Nelumbo nucifera
Country of Origin : India
Colour : : It carries an exotic floral herb like fragrance and the color of the oil has pale yellow to dark red tint.
Extraction Method : Combination of solvent extraction and steam distillation

This oil is blessed with strong flowery aroma and nourishing quality. Therefore, it is added in lotions, soaps, perfumes, body mists and even room fresheners. It is an effective stress buster and is infused in the massage oils and soaps which are used in aromatherapy.

Therapeutic Properties

The essential oil comes with astringent, sedative and expectorant properties. It will help in reducing the oil levels in the skin, help in breathing thus, curing the issues related to breathing all thanks to its aroma. It is very beneficial in removing stress and anxiety from the mind and create calming mood in return.

Blends Well With

The lotus floral oil can be combined with oils of cinnamon and sandalwood and all other spices and citrus oils.

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