Cassie Flower Oil

Cassie Flower Oil

The Cassie flower oil is well known in the perfume industry. The oil is derived from the cassie or yellow cassie. Its flowers bloom from the month of November to march. The extraction of the oil is done from the blossoms of the plant. The extracted material that is obtained is in the form of pomade. This is then mixed with alcohol and kept to stand for three to four weeks. The cassie flower oil is essential for mostly used for its sweet smell and aromatherapy.

Product name : Cassie Flower Oil
Scientific Name : Acacia Farnesiana Wild
Country of Origin : Egypt
Colour : The oil has a red-brown shade with a sweet smell to it.
Extraction Method : By distillation

The flower oil is mainly used in perfumes because of its sweet smell. Apart from that, the bark of the plant contains tannin which is used medically. The oil is also rich in protein and its oil is used in food preparations.

Therapeutic Properties

Apart from its sweet smell, it also has medicinal properties. Cassie oil is used in treating various ailments such as malaria and diarrhea and other skin problems. The oil is also used in aroma therapy or essential oil therapy.

Blends Well With

The cassie flower oil blends really good with lavender oil.

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