Lavender Absolute Oil

Lavender Absolute Oil

Lavender is a woody shrub which can grow a few meters tall. It has green leaves with violet flowers. The Lavender Absolute oil is almost black in color. The distinct herbal aroma makes separates this oil from all the others. It has sweet floral scent to it which relaxes the body and mind. It can relive one of problems of high blood pressure. The Lavender absolute is stronger than a normal essential oil. It creates a certain calm and mixes well with a wide variety of oils.

Product Name : Lavender Absolute Oil
Scientific Name : Lavandula Officinalis
Country of Origin : Albania
Colour and odor : Dark yellowish black liquid with a sweet floral scent
Extraction Method : By solvent extraction

It is primarily used in the perfumery industry where it plays the role of a fixative. It is used in non-floral sweeteners too.

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