Radish Seed Carrier Oil

Radish Seed Carrier Oil is extracted from the plant that belongs to Brassicaceae family. It is used in various cuisines for adding flavour. This oil also has numerous medical advantages. This oil is not only used by human but it is an ideal source of bio fuel. When added in potato soup, it enhances the taste of that.

Product Name : Radish Seed Carrier Oil
Botanical Name : Raphanus Sativus
Other Names : Radish
Country of Origin : South East Asia
Color : It has light golden color
Odor : It has pungent smell
Extraction Method : Cold Pressed
Solubility : It is soluble in bear oil

Radish Seed Carrier Oil was found in India, china and central Asia. In 3rd century BC the Greek and 1st century Ad, people found the use of it. It is said that Radish Seed was the first crop introduced in America by Europeans.


Radish Seed Carrier Oil contains C18, C 20 and C22 fatty acids and also good source of Vitamin b6, magnesium and copper. This oil is also known for increasing fertility of soil by suppressing the growth of weeds. This oil is highly suitable for skin, hair and scalp. It provides excellent nourishment to skin and good for hair growth. This oil is also added in conditioners and hair styling products. This oil is ideal for brittle nails.

Therapeutic benefits

Radish Seed Carrier Oil is known for its various therapeutic advantages. It works well for treating fungal infections and purifying bloods. This oil is ideal to treat jaundice and smoothes hair follicles. This oil also prevents signs of aging. Radish Seed Carrier Oil is highly admired for its ability to promote circulation.

Blends well with

Radish Seed Carrier Oil can easily blend with other carrier oils.

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