Onion carrier oil

Onion is a species of the genus Alliums. Onion is a perennial herb. Onion is vegetable that is most widely cultivated of its genus. Although onion is a biennial plant in some parts it is also cultivated as an annual plant. The color of the leaves of this plant varies from bluish-green to yellowish in color.

Onion is a vegetable which is known as healthy food. Earlier the uses of onion were limited to adding flavors to dishes, but as the new technology came in the uses of onion oil also increased. People use this onion oil for various uses.

Product Name : Onion oil
Botanical Name : Alliums Cepa h
Other Names : scallions' oil
Country of Origin : Egypt
Color : It is usually yellow color
Odor : It has a pungent onion smell.
Extraction Method : Steam Distillation
Solubility : Greater solubility in alcohol and other base oils

Many people from ancient history believed that onions were originated from Central Asia. Some people also suggest that onions were grown in Iran and West Pakistan. Onions have been cultivated from over 5000 years. Onions may also be one of the earliest cultivated crops. In Egypt, onions were considered as objects of worship.


Onion is not only used as vegetable oil. It has various other uses as well. This oil is also known for its versatile uses. Because of its versatility onion oil is used from industry raw material to the cosmetic industry. It is also used in medicines, hair care, and skin care. It is also applied directly to scalp sometimes.

Therapeutic benefits

Onion oil is used in almost all the industries ranging from cosmetics to industrial raw material. People use onion oil for curing headaches, heart diseases, and mouth sore. Onion is also an excellent antioxidant, which proves very healthy for our skin.

Blends well with

Onion carrier oil blends well with all the other essential oils.

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