How can we ensure the purity of the air we breathe daily?

Though the air we breathe is the essence of life, it is getting polluted more and more with the emission of carbon dioxide. As an adult, we take 18 to 30 thousand breaths a day, and we breathe in the air that is full of microscopic elements like pollen, pollutants, and toxins.

We reluctantly presume that the air inside our home is cleaner and safer than the air outside. The products with synthetic fragrances spread synthetic chemicals and fumes in the air that we breathe. Though the human body has amazing filters that prevent toxins from entering our body, the higher level of toxins in the air may impede natural human filtration. Removing toxin-loads is the only alternative left for safeguarding and feeling our best. Less exposure to toxins is a way to healthy living.


Also Get to Know How, When and How Much to Diffuse Essential Oils!

The natural alternatives to replace toxins are house plants, regular cleaning, sufficient ventilation, and essential oils. Diffusing natural essential oils is an easy way to freshen and deodorize the air. People with breathing ailments can safely use soothing or deodorizing essential oils in place of scented candles, room sprays, and air fresheners.

Pure essential oils are extremely potent, their few drops fill the surroundings with aromas and repel the harmful germs. Essential oils such as bitter orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary have cleansing properties that not only clean the air but also bring aroma. Wooden, China clay, and Ultrasonic diffusers are easily available in the market. Ultrasonic diffusers create a fine mist and work quietly with a comparatively small amount of essential oil.

Essential Oil Diffusion - A Great Help in Purifying Air!

Diffusion of essential oil disseminates the natural fragrance and moisture of the natural potion in a room. Citrus and minty oils are effective to remove foul odors and kill germs. Various essential oil manufacturers create diffuser blends using these oils. The industries also use them as an ingredient in cleaning solutions. The users can pick one or more of the following essential oils for diffusion.

Bitter Orange Essential Oil

Orange fruit has a zesty, uplifting citrus aroma. The users hail it for its beneficial effects on the air, body, and mind. The essential oil derived from the rinds of bitter orange contains limonene compounds, known for its cleansing properties and germicide effects. It has a refreshing aroma that can be aptly used in homes, offices, or other closed spaces.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Derived from peppermint leaves, peppermint oil has a stimulating, energizing minty aroma that removes foul odor and cleanses the air. Its diffusion fights germs and helps in respiration. Its aroma and application help treat nausea and headache caused by bad air.

Clove Essential Oil

Clove essential oil is known for its spicy woody scent. Its eugenol compounds provide it with an invigorating scent and cleansing and deodorizing character. However, moderation is the key to its diffusion. It kills all kinds of microbes, bacteria, and viruses. The diffusion of clove essential oil helps reduce headaches and clear respiratory passage. It is a great aid for asthmatic people.

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Cinnamon Essential Oil

The cinnamon essential oil has a spicy, earthy, woody aroma, and it contains cinnamaldehyde and eugenol compounds. It has antibacterial and antiviral properties. If the particles or molecules of cinnamon oil spread in the air, they destroy harmful germs and bacterias. Thus, it purifies the air and minimizes the chances of flu. Its diffusion eases breathing. South Asian spice oil manufacturers and suppliers offer quality essential oils at the most favorable rates.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil derived from the aromatic leaves is known for its medicinal woody aroma and respiratory relief offered by its steam inhalation. The cineole compounds of eucalyptus oil spread when users diffuse this oil. They inhibit harmful bacterias and viruses and cleanse the air in-home or office spaces. Its inhalation clears nasal passage and helps to breathe. The bulk buyers can obtain the natural oils in required quantities with ease from eucalyptus oil wholesale suppliers.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Though rosemary is known for its dermal benefits, its cineole content makes it helpful in cleansing the air in its surroundings. Its diffusion prevents harmful germs and insects and clears the air. Its camphorous aroma helps ease breathing. 


What to Keep in Mind While Diffusing Essential Oils?

Diffusion is the safest way to get essential oils into the breath of humans.  Being natural elixirs, many essential oils besides above help in cleansing air and easy breathing. However, the users should diffuse the oils carefully in moderation and dilution with other oils and sufficient water. They can also try ready-to-use blends for diffusion, adding required water.

The users need to determine the right time and duration of essential oil diffusion during a day. The duration of the diffusion and the quantity of the essential oil used depend on the intensity of the aroma of the essential oils. We, as natural essential oil manufacturers, recommend intermittent (and not continuous) diffusion of the oils during a day. Its extended exposure may lead to high blood pressure or headache.

In some regions, smog prevails during traffic hours and worsens the quality of air. The users can effectively diffuse one of the previously mentioned oils before or during this time. As a thumb rule, they should run the diffusers for 15 to 20 minutes.

As far as the quantity of oil is concerned, the users can add 2 to 4 drops of the given essential oil in 15 ml water. The ideal proportion of essential oil in diffuser water dilution is three percent. It is critical to place the diffuser two or more feet above the floor on a plane surface near a wall outlet to distribute the moisture properly. Some diffusers come with a marked fill line for water dilution.

The vapor diffusers are ideal to be tried by users as they evenly disperse the essential oils in the air without fractionation or chemical alteration of the oil like heat diffusers. However, vapor diffusers are more costly than heat diffusers.