Agarwood essential oil often called "liquid gold" in the field of aromatherapy and perfumery, is a highly sought-after aromatherapy oil that is derived from the heartwood that is resinous of the Agarwood tree. In this article, we'll explore the world of the essential oil agarwood by discussing its definition as legally recognized in India as well as the reasons for the high price, possible adverse side effects, as well as the numerous benefits it can bring. Let's discover the amazing world of this wonderful essential oil.

What is Agarwood Essential Oil?

Agarwood essential oil is an uncommon and valuable aromatic oil that is extracted out of the core woods from the Agarwood tree (Aquilaria species). The resinous heartwood of the tree goes through an intricate and lengthy extraction process that produces the sought-after oil. The oil is known for its amazing scent, the essential oil of agarwood is a key ingredient in traditional perfumery. It has a long tradition of usage in a variety of cultural and religious practices.

What is Agarwood Essential Oil Useful?

Agarwood essential oil has numerous advantages for mental and physical health. It is well-known for its soothing and grounding properties. This makes it an effective aid for meditation and stress relief. Agarwood oil can also be employed in perfumery to make luxurious lasting scents that last for a long time. The potential benefits for therapeutic use make it a vital oil to consider in alternative therapies.

What is the cost of 1 Kilogram Agarwood?

The cost of one kilogram of agarwood can be wildly different in the hundreds to several thousand dollars based on the rarity and quality that the wood. Agarwood is among the most expensive woods in the world because of its limited availability and the labor-intensive process used in its manufacturing. Agarwood's formation is a natural reaction to infection or injury in the tree, which happens very rarely, which adds to its price and rarity.

Are Agarwood Legal in India?

In India Agarwood is a legally protected species of tree and its trade is controlled under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. The trade and extraction of agarwood, as well as its by-products, like the essential oil of agarwood, will be subjected to rigorous guidelines. It is crucial for people and companies dealing with agarwood, to abide by these regulations to avoid legal penalties.

Why is Agarwood Oil So Pricey?

Agarwood oil's pricey value is due to a variety of reasons. The lengthy process of production, the lack of the agarwood's formation, and the length of time needed for the accumulation of resin all contribute to the cost. Furthermore, the rising demand for Agarwood in the fields of traditional medicine, perfumery, and religious rituals has raised its price. The attraction of its distinctive scent and spiritual significance contributes to its value overall.

What are the Side Effects of Agarwood Oil?

Agarwood essential oil can generally be regarded as safe when it is used in moderate amounts. However, like other essential oils could cause skin irritations and allergic reactions in a few people. It is suggested to conduct an initial patch test prior to applying the oil to the skin and to dilute it using a carrier oil. Furthermore, inhaling excessive quantities of agarwood oils through diffusion could cause breathing discomfort. Nursing mothers, pregnant women, and those with certain health issues must consult a medical expert prior to using the agarwood oil.

Advantages and Benefits of Agarwood Essential Oil

Stress reduction: Agarwood essential oil is well-known for its capacity to relax and lessen anxiety and stress. Its properties that calm are a great instrument for meditation and relaxation.

Perfume: Agarwood oil has become a sought-after ingredient in perfumes of luxury because of its long-lasting and captivating scent. It provides depth and sophistication to the scents.

Medical and Spiritual Uses: Agarwood oil has been extensively used throughout the centuries in various traditional and spiritual medicinal practices. It is believed that it has medicinal benefits, including helping digestion and encouraging overall health.

Skin Health: When dilute, the essential oil of agarwood is a great option for skin care possibly helping with skin problems and also promoting an overall healthy appearance.

Aromatherapy: It's utilized for aromatherapy in order to provide a calm and peaceful environment that benefits both emotional and mental well-being.


Agarwood essential oil which is known for its stunning scent and numerous advantages, is an extremely valuable commodity. Knowing its history and legal status, as well as its price and the potential negative adverse effects is essential to anyone who is who is interested in its use. For relaxation, perfumery, or other traditional uses, agarwood oil continues to be an emblem of spirituality and luxury.