Fight Winter Dryness with these 4 best Natural Body Butters

Winters have finally set in and are giving a chilling vibes to everyone. Though winters may seem very cool and are liked more than summers, but it can also have an adverse effect on skin. So apart from playing around with snowflakes, you must be also become cautious enough to take care about your skin. It is because during this season, one may face from many skin problems like itchiness, dryness, acne, pimples and breakouts. Well if you are searching for any solution for all these problems, then your search ends with natural body butters.

What are natural body butters?

Natural body butters are thick, richer body creams, which are ideal and suitable for people who have dry and sensitive skin. These butters act as shield to your skin and protect it from dryness, itchiness and other skin problems. These butters are extracted from their natural sources such as seeds, kernels, nuts and beans. In comparison to common cream and lotions, these butters are much thicker as they do not contain water. When added to natural product formulations, these butters contribute stability and hardness too.

They are widely recommended in many spa centers and are used in cosmetics such as creams, lotions, lip balms, soaps and salves. The best thing about thee butters is that they get quickly melted when contacted with body heat, that results in adding softness and smoothness to the skin and preventing it from dryness, breakage and irritation.

4 Best types of body butters

Among many types of natural body butters, there are 4 best types of body butters, which come with different properties and benefits for skincare. These are Coco butter, Kokum butter, Mango butter and Shea butter. Let us make you understand about each natural butter from the below points.

1. Cocoa butter
  1. Cocoa butter appears to be natural pale yellow edible vegetable fat, which comes from cocoa bean. Being equipped with anti-oxidant properties and below melting point, this butter finds its best use in pharmaceuticals, toiletries and ointments.
  3. Besides this, it is also widely recommended in food processing industries for addition of chocolate flavours in many food items. Pure coco butter is very rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and E. This is the reason for its use in various cosmetic products.

  4. Cocoa butter

  5. By having amazing natural moisturizing properties, coco butter provides smooth and healthy skin to its users. Its rich fat source makes it an ideal ingredient of making chocolates. Because of this property, this butter becomes very beneficial in hydrating, nourishing and improving the skin elasticity.
  6. It is known to make a protective shield over the skin, which makes it a useful product in creams and body lotions. Not only does it helps in healing the skin but will also heal the skin from within. People, who have chapped lips, must use coco butter as better solution.

2. Kokum butter

  1. Another best option among category of natural body butters is Kokum butter. It is extracted from the seeds of the Kokum tree. It’s soft, soothing and restorative qualities makes this better an efficient use in skin care products.
  2. Apart from possessing medical and healing qualities, Kokum butter is also rich in many therapeutic properties including anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.
  3. Dating back to history, this body butter was originated in Western Ghats of India had also been used for healing purposes all over the world.

  4. Kokum butter

  5. Kokum body butter is very beneficial in softening the skin and restoring its flexibility. Being non-comedogenic in nature, this butter tends to easily gets absorbed in skin. By daily applying it on skin, it will help you in healing cracked knees, elbows and lips too, since it is also rich in vitamin E.
  6. Knowing more about it’s another skin friendly benefits, Kokum butter also contains properties to heal ulcers, soles of hands, feet and cracking of lips. It also helps in regenerating of cells of skin.

3. Mango butter

  1. Coming on to next is Mango butter, which is extracted from dried mango kernels by solvent extraction method. It is known for keeping skin hydrated for longer duration and is suitable for all skin types.
  2. It contains important fatty acids and anti-oxidant property, which makes it an essential choice for skincare products. Other than this, it also features anti-aging properties, which makes it eliminating free radicals to maintain elasticity of the skin and promoting natural skin regeneration.

  3. Mango butter

  4. One notable benefit of Mango butter is that it can be naturally free of preservative and have longer shelf life, maximum upto one year. Being highly nutritious, this butter can be used as best skin conditioner. Like Kokum butter, Mango butter also shares the same similar quality in quickly getting absorbed to the skin.
  5. Due to its light and non-greasy nature, it is highly recommended for use in various cosmetic products. Besides this, it is the best alternative to coco butter in chocolate manufacturing.

4. Shea butter

  1. Like above butter counterparts, Shea butter is among the prominent natural body butter, which is extracted from the nut of Shea tree. It is termed as ‘superfood’ for the skin. It is highly demanded in the cosmetic industries because of its being a refatting agent.
  2. Rich in vitamin A, E and F, Shea butter helps in promoting clarity of the skin. No need to use any sunscreen lotion, when it itself can protect you from harmful UV rays of sun that badly affects the skin.

  3. Shea butter

  4. If suffering from any type of skin irritation and have yet not find any solution to stop it, then Shea butter is a better remedy to stop it, since it contains anti-bacterial properties. Apart from it, it also soothes burns and reduces surgical scars.
  5. It is also highly recommended for medicinal purposes and is best used for making in medicinal ointments. Shea butter is a wonderful solution for treating skin problems including wrinkled skin, acne, sinus infection, scaly & itchy skin and arthritis.
  6. It is also known for enhancing skin’s texture and makes the skin smoother. Shea butter also helps in increasing water content of cells. This fabulous butter is also capable of treating problems like skin ulcer, wounds and rashes.
Ending note

Hope you like reading this important information about natural body butter and benefits of four essential body butters. If convinced with properties and benefits of these body butters, then do make them as important part in your daily life use and be protected from any skin problems. To find these oils, log on to

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