Spice Oils

Clove Spice Oil
Clove Spice Oil

This oil contains the active ingredient eugenol that is a natural...

Spice Oils- That can Tickle Your Senses!!

Spice oils contain stimulating, impulsive and tickling constituents. These natural oils can arouse anyone's senses in an amazing way. Spice oils are usually used as a flavoring agent in food & beverages due to their enriched aroma. Certain kind of spice oil is also used in making cosmetics, toothpastes, aerosols, mouth fresheners, perfumes and in important medicinal formulations.

Natures Natural India offers 100% pure & organic spice oil. We are one of the leading manufacturer & supplier of spice oil in the world. We are ISO 9001:2008 marked company & internationally certified from USFDA & USDA. We have a vast network of shipping all across Indian cities and overseas as well. Customers can buy different kind of spice oil in bulk quantity at whole sale price. We have secured payment gateways like Visa, Paypal, Mastercard and Maestro etc.

Natures Natural India showcases around wide range of spice oils such as Aniseed Spice Oil, Black Cumin Seed (Kaloungi) Essential Oil, Black Cumin Seed (Kaloungi) Spice Oil, Celery Seed Spice Oil, Cardamom Spice Oil, Cassia Spice Oil, Black Pepper Spice Oil, Caraway Spice Oil, Chilli Seed Spice Oil, Cinnamon Bark Spice Oil, Cinnamon Spice Oil and Clove Spice Oil. There are no products matching the selection.

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