Celery Seed Oleoresins

Celery Seed Oleoresins

Celery is a marshland plant originating from North America. It belongs to the family of Apiaceae of Kingdom Plantae. It bears leaves that are 3-6 cm long and flowers that are creamy white in color. To obtain the celery seeds oleoresins, the seeds undergo the process of solvent extraction. The acquired liquid is greenish yellow in color and is soluble in oils. It contains components such as d-sedanolides and d-limonene which gives the liquid a spicy and warm scent. Blessed with many therapeutic benefits, this oleoresin can be very promising in the nourishment of the body.

Product name : Celery Seed Oleoresins
Scientific Name : Apium Graveolens
Country of Origin : North America
Colour : Greenish yellow in color
ODOR : Fresh warm and spicy scent
COMPONENTS : D-Sedanolides and D-Limonene
Extraction Method : Solvent Extraction
SOLUBILITY : It is easily soluble in oil, however insoluble in water.

Celery oleoresin is widely used as a flavoring agent or spice and added to foods and soft drinks. It is also added to medicines for its numerous health benefits as well to add its flavor.

Therapeutic Properties

Celery seed oleoresin is very advantageous in treating various ailments. It can help in improving digestion and provide the body with a cooling effect. It further helps in clearing all the toxins that are present in the body. The ones who are suffering from rheumatic disease can also relief on using celery seen oleoresin.

Blends well with

It can be blended with lavender, tea tree, clary sage, pine, lovage, clove bud, and cinnamon bark oil.

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