Thyme White Floral Water

Thyme White Floral Water

The thyme white floral water is obtained from the thyme plant. Thyme is a family member of the mint family. The floral water is extracted from the flowers of thyme through the process of hydro distillation. The thyme floral water is antibacterial, hypertensive and has soothing properties due to which it is used in various cosmetics and skin care products. The constituents of this product include thymol and carvacol, terpinene and P-cymene. It is soluble in water and found insoluble in oils and alchohol.

Product name : Thyme White Floral Water
Scientific Name : Thymus Zygis
Country of Origin : Canada
Colour : The floral water is has no color but has a sweet and mildly spicy odor to it.
Extraction Method : Hydro distillation

Thyme has many antibacterial properties due to which many cosmetic companies add it to their makeup and skin products. The floral water can be used a skin cleanser. Add little drop of the water on a cotton ball and wipe your face for smooth and refreshing skin. The fragrance of the floral water is also very sweet and flowery which gives a peaceful and soothing feel to the mind and body.

Therapeutic Properties

The thyme white floral water oil is very beneficial in treating the blood sugar level of a person who is suffering from diabetes. It also helps in reducing body fat. The hydrosol has the ability to cure many other health related issued such as asthma, ulcers and coughing.


The hydrosol can be blended well with lemon, rosemary and bergamot for good results.

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