Ginger Hydrosol

Ginger Hydrosol

Ginger belongs to the plant family Zingibaraceae. The roots of the plant are used as a spice in cooking. Ginger Hydrosol has a spicy to sweet taste and aroma. The roots of the plants are widely used for the extraction of the floral water that possesses excellent therapeutic properties. From centuries, people are using this floral water for treating many health problems. The hydrosol from ginger plant roots can be used to sooth upset stomach and to promote healthy digestive system. Thus the hydrosol can also be used to create balance in the digestive system.

Product name : Ginger Hydrosol
Scientific Name : Zingiber Officinale
OTHER NAMES : Crane's Bill
Country of Origin : USA
Colour : It appears as light yellow to pale yellow in colour.
odor : It has fresh, woody, and sweet odour.
Extraction Method : Steam Distillation.

Thousands of years ago, Ginger was considered to be a luxury spice. The Chinese and Indians used ginger to treat various health ailments. Ginger is native to Asia but today it is being cultivated in various parts of the world for its variety of uses. It was used in cooking and treats in improper digestion. It was traded most than the other spices known today. In 14th century, the cost of ginger was the same as the amount of alive goat or sheep.


Ginger Hydrosol is used in the manufacturing of skin care product that can be used for all age-group. It maintains a balance in the sensitive and dry skin, when applied on knees, elbows and feet. The hydrosol results in attaining flawless skin. This can be used as an excellent spritzer that re-hydrates the skin during day time. In addition, it can also be used as a make-up remover. When used as a natural spray on scraps and cuts, it effectively heals the affected skin.

Therapeutic Properties

Ginger was widely used for its therapeutic properties. It was used to cure health problems such as flatulence and colic. People who are troubled with loss of hair can use this hydrosol as it increases hair growth by increasing blood circulation in the scalp. It is an effective analgesic and helps in providing relief from arthritic pain, headaches and muscle aches. It further helps in treating stomach problems such as indigestion, constipation, and gastric issues.


Ginger Hydrosol blends well with black pepper, lemongrass, ylang-ylang, clove, bergamot, cardamom and with many others.

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